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Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Recap and Tuesday Feature will Return

HOLA!! How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic and long. I still have the Monday blahs though. We need a cure for this. Seriously, why is it so hard for us to get up and going on Mondays? Does anyone NOT get the Monday blues? If you are out there, please let me know what your magical cure is.

Now onto my Weekend Recap


This was such a rushed day after work. I didn't get home until about 6:30 or so and I knew my friend was going to pick me up at 7:15. Being the good  mediocre owner that I am, I managed to take PeeWee for a walk instead of using that extra time to beautify myself. Got back and hurriedly spritzed myself with Supermodel (Victoria's Secret) so at least I didn't smell like dog.

My friend and I went out to a restaurant called Torritos and got there just in time for happy hour. Yay for Margaritas! The food was great but it seriously took about an hour or so to get it. I even waited 10 minutes for water before I went to the bar to get it myself. I understand that the restaurant was busy, but waiting 1 hour for food is CRAZY. I guess they also kept running out of glasses, so we got little sippy cups. How exciting! Nothing like drinking your alcohol from a kids cup to make you feel classy.

After we left, we went to my hookah lounge. It was unbelievably hot in there! I am talking 100 degrees! Damn AC breaking during the worst time. Hookah was a lot of fun regardless, as it always is. I ended up staying out until midnight.


I slept in very late on Saturday, it was so great! For the majority of the day I lounged around and was incredibly lazy. I watched a movie called  The Sweetest Thing. I had never seen it before and at first I thought it was going to be lame, but I ended up liking it. It was decently funny and not super sappy. I especially liked the ending.

Kevin and I then went to an early dinner (like the senior citizens we are) at The Soup Plantation. They have the best salads and breads!! Yummy. I had this fantastic asian-style salad and it was delicious

That night I went out with one of my other girl friends to go to her friend's birthday party and dancing with a bunch of gay guys. I felt bad because I bailed on the rest of our date night. Still, I had a lot of fun going out dancing. Its not often that I get to do that, especially with Chey because she has a daughter. While the dancing part was fun it was hard to find songs I could groove to because the DJ sucked. A bunch of  us girls decided we would do the robot every time the song sucked. Needless to say that became the dance of the night.


Its a good thing I had a lazy day on Saturday because I felt like Sunday was a "run-around-and-do-everything" day. I mean it was fun stuff don't get me wrong, but I still felt like I didn't have time to relax at home. Kevin and I went and saw Despicable Me. GREAT movie! Seriously, they are making these kid movies so good lately. It was funny, a great plot line, and the voice casting was perfect. Is it sad that the past two movies I have seen  in theater's were kid movies? I don't even have a kid or a niece/nephew to use as an excuse.

Kevin had band practice,  so I spent a couple of hours at Barnes & Noble and had a great time. I love book stores. I was reading part of The Philosophy of Harry Potter, which was a good book, but I ended up buying Secrets of a Shoe Addict. It seems like a good book so far. It is a chick lit novel with a little bit of mystery involved, which is one of my favorite genres. After Kevin got out of practice we went over to my sister's house because it was my Dads birthday. We played games and ate, and my mom got on my nerves like no other! Ugh! Also, we couldnt stay late because of Sunday night programming on HBO, which is the best. Unfortunately, we got home a bit late so we only caught the last half-hour of True Blood. We did see all of Hung and Entourage though, which is good. Hung is my favorite. I want it to be True Blood but I missed 1.5 episodes and now I am SOO lost. There shall be a catchup day soon.

How was your weekend?

**Tuesday's Feature will be back tomorrow**. The theme is Best Summer Movie of All Time. So look back and see what movies were released during the summer then come back here and link up. You can do a mini review, a long one, or you can simply name the movie. Just remember to come back tomorrow and link your blog up.



  1. Sounds like a busy and fun weekend!

    I want to see Despicable Me with Aidyn this coming weekend! I was bummed we havent seen toy story 3... I wonder if any of the theatres will be playing it!

    :) Glad you had a good weekend, I did too :)

  2. I have never watched True Blood before...so its worth watching I take it?

    Sounds like you had an eventful weekend!

    I'm with you Monday's are the worst! Hope your week goes by super fast!!

  3. this season of true blood is kinda crazy. i've seen all episodes and even i'm lost. but eric...mmm...yea eric is nice.

  4. Yeah, I'm with Mayra... I've seen True Blood a couple times and I'm lost too. Lol. =) Have a great week sweetie

  5. I loved Despicable Me! Such a cute movie! True Blood is on in about 2 hours, make sure you dont miss it!