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Friday, July 23, 2010

Odd News Nerd Style

Happy Friday!

In honor of ComicCon happening in San Diego I decided that I would focus on "nerd/geeky" odd news. We have a little bit of Star Wars trouble,

Give me your money, I am your Father

[Courtsey of Yahoo! News]

A man robbed a Long Island Chase in a Darth Vader mask, cape, camoflauge pants, and his version of a light saber (handgun). I don't know much about Star Wars (I know stone me now) but couldn't Darth Vader just used his mind to get the money.

This guy's idea worked because he was able to get away since most people thought it was a joke at first. I don't know about you but if I saw a guy enter a bank with a mask on, regardless of what it is, I would be freaked out and know he was going to rob the bank.

Murder over a Card Game
Some people are just super intense over games. I will admit that I am very competitive and that I don't like to lose. However, I don't think I would ever kill anyone over it, you never know I guess ;).

Stephen Green brutally murdered his woman and police and aquintances think that is was over a bridge altercation. The Greens were members of the Lytham Bridge Club and the members said that Stephen had been acting odd lately. He even threatened to throw her over the balcony during a game because of errors she made playing. Is this what we would call a crime of nerdy passion?

Weekend Forecast

Friday:  Lazy evening of laundry, cleaning, and some reading

[Courtsey of Scienceblogs.com]

Have you read this book? It is so good, I am about halfway through. If you like chick lit and a little bit of mystery then you will like this book. It is a sotry about 3 housewives who get themselves in a little bit of trouble in Vegas (each has their own different issue) and now they need to make money fast. Read this book for an easy but great read and to find out the unique way they are making money. Yes, I enjoy mindless reads along with deeper novels.

Saturday: Busy Busy Day

BBQ at the park with some other couples. We will also be playing games. I am excited because we get to bring PeeWee who loves socializing with other people and dogs.

[Photo Courtesy of entertainexchange]

My friend is having a Paris themed party. More so 1940s and 50s Paris. I am still trying to gather my outfit for that...Any cheap/DIY ideas?

Sunday-Lazy Dog Day

Sundays are the dog's day over here. We like to take him to the dog beach. He loves it even more. We will probably do some more cleaning and organizing.

Might also look at some houses for rent as well. We will be moving out of our condo in a couple of months for a house with a yard. I want my little puppy to have room to run around and I also want to get anoth dog, a bigger one. I will keep you all updated

~Have a great weekend~


  1. I heard about the murder over cards, and I was like HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPEN!?

  2. Love the wee paris photo...outfit should be easy enough...long black and white striped top/dress with a red scarf and leggings? Have fun at the party!x

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Stopped by from Monday Mingle.