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Friday, July 30, 2010

Hello all, hope your Friday is treating you well. Let the Odd News Begin!

If the Devil Wears Prada then what does the Virgin Mary Wear?

[Photo: Yahoo! News]
Lousi Vuitton apparently. I'm not a religious person but I do remember reading a verse in the bible that would probably frown upon this statue of the Virgin Mary in Italy donning some expensive Louis Vuitton garb. Something about being frugal with money and not buying super material items... Hmmm. I wonder if the Pope approves of this.

The artist, Francesco De Molfetta, stated that he did that as a statement against the materiality of our society. he said it was to "denounce a society based on the cult of appearance through the use of a brand that represents the search for ephemeral happiness."  Whatever the meaning behind it I find it pretty silly to see the Virgin Mary all decked up in LV.

Stupid Criminal of the Week

We may run out of money, food, or other important things but we will never run out of stupid people. I guess that is good for me because I will always have a stupid criminal news story to write about every week. Gosh people are such idiots.

This Cincinnatti woman decided she was going to pick and choose what laws she would follow. She was being chased by cops but she would stop at every red light. Maybe she was just being cautious or didn't want vehicle manslaughter added to her list of wrongdoings but it is an irrational thing to do when you are trying to outrun the police.

This chase was all because she was going 20 mph over the speedlimit and didn't want her car impounded. She even drove right to her home... Uh if you are going to try to outrun the cops you better believe your guy will 100% get impounded...

Bears in Cars, Oh My!

[Photo: Yahoo! News]
Peanut Butter Sandwich + Car+ Hungry Bear= Runaway Car... A bear was attracted to a PB&J sandwich in a car in Denver. He then managed to not only get himself stuck in the car but knocked the car into netural therefore crashing into a tree.

The bear was stuck in the car for 2 hours and then realeased into the woods. Ben, the car owner, did not press charges for grand theft auto.

How much would you pay for Golden Dentures?

[Photo: BBC News]

I guess the going rate is 15,200 pounds, well that is if they happen to Churchill's dentures. His gold mounted dentures sold for that rate at an auction. I don't know who wants someone's gold fake teeth but whatever floats their boat.

I learned something new from this article that maybe I should have known about Churchill. He had a lisp which is why he had these dentures, to disguise it.

Weekend Plans

Kevin and I are going to Dave & Busters tonight with another couple. I am pretty excited because I love D&B. Kev and I may be a bit too competitive though LOL. We take it seriously


I may be going to San Diego tomorrow during the day with one of my friends to check out 2 museums. One being the Space museum and the second being the history of man. Been a while since I have been to museums so it should be fun (if I end up going)

[Photo: The Saksam Group]

If my friends decide to be cool and actually hang out with me then I will be going to country night at the hookah lounge I go to all the time. I am so excited because I love line dancing!

[Photo: Comicbookmovie.com]

I am hoping to catch the matinee of Inception because I have heard some fantastic things about this movie. Then we will most likely go to the dog beach.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Wait, San Diego? Thanks for letting me know. Lol!

    And country music is terrible, honey. The sooner you realize this, the sooner we can have an argument-free relationship. =)

  2. I don't know what's more disturbing...the Virgin Mary dressed in LV or a Virgin Mary statue made out of Jell-O ? Which btw, won 1st prize at this years Jell-O Mold Competition. Man, I love America.

    Country music?? Sorry but I'm gonna have to agree with Kevin on this one. *thumbs down*

  3. omg u find the weirdest shit....who the fuck put that on her....haha....I wanted to go to D & B but nearest one is hours away...bummer....u can write about how great it was:) have fun