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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1,2,3,4,5,7........ I guess I can't count

Wow so I can't count!! I know, its pathetic. I am hanging my head in shame. I even posted yesterday about how influential my college was and how I got such a great education and experience there. Yet I don't know how to count? I was suppose to do Day 6 yesterday so instead you get it today.

Day 6: Favorite Superhero and Why

Nanananananananannananananannananana BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes that is right! Batman is my favorite and it is not just because he looks the hotest in tights and is a millionaire/billionaire (depends on what version you read) by day. Come on Batman is the best superhero because he doesn't have any super powers. How can you deny the sexiness and pure awesomeness of a man who through pure determinatin and hardwork becomes a super hero? Also he is avenging his parents death. Hello? You all should feel ashamed of yourself if he is not your favorite.

                                                                        Why Batman?

1) Swore oath  against crime and wants to clean up one of the worst cities... Gotham
2) He had a rough childhood
3) He didn't get bitten by a spider or was born on a different planet. He is powerful and strong through his own willpower and determination.
4) The Batmobile...Need I say more?

5) The best villans are batman's foes. Hello, the Joker!
6) No one can argue that Batman has hands down the best movies. Especially the new, darker ones. Brilliant
7) His symbol is pretty kickass

8) Oh wait of course... Christian Bale also makes a pretty hot superhero ;)

Who is your favorite superhero??

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  1. Batman is pretty badass. Great choice!

  2. I want a batman car. I would officially feel like a badass.