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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day #4 & 5... First Sunday Football Day!

Hello Everyone. Are you all as excited as me for the first NFL Sunday of the season. I am super stoked. I have a  lot of chores to get done before I head over to the bar for the afternoon and evening games. It is looking like I might miss a little bit of the morning games even but I am going to try to get my errands done as quick as possible.

So I am super sad because Getting to Know You Sunday is no more.. :( I know have to find a new meme for Sunday or figure out what to write about. Luckily for now I do have my 30 day journal!


Day 4: A Habbit You Wish You Didn't

I am a big procrastinator. I hate it... I put off things forever and sometimes I never get around to them. I hate that I also don't do anything that I don't wnat to do. I never clean because I hate it. Oh well... A part of life is doing things you don't like to do because you have to be a responsible adult. That is somethng  I am trying to work a lot on is doing things I don't like to do (ie laundry, cleaning, exercising, etc.). I'm also working oin my procrastination. i need to take the phrase "oh i'll do it later or soon" out of my vocabulary.

Day 5: Somewhere you've Been

Sadly I haven't been many cool places outside of  CA...you all have heard me vent and complain about my lack of travels thus far. I am lucky to live in a state where there are so many different possibilities for mini getaways (SD, SF, Santa Barbara). I have been to all those places....

Sadly I can't find any pictures of any of my SF trips
 I guess the one I will feature here is my trip to San Francisco. I've been a couple of times and loved it. One of the times I went was with my family and we went for 5 days when I was 14 around Christmas time. It was so much fun. We did all the great touristy things: Alcatraz, downtown SF, trolley rides, the warf, and the beaches, My favorite was Alcatraz..I really liked learning all about the prison life there and one time I even got to meet a guy who was a prisoner there... He was there for a book signing.  I really want to go to SF again and take Kevin because he has never been.

Well I am off to do my errands. I need to find a sporting good store that is open right now because Kevin doesn't have any Charger Jerseys... Well the  one he has is a Tomlinson and we can't have him wearing that now can we?

I hope you all have a great Sunday whether it consists of watching football all day or not :)

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