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Thursday, September 9, 2010

What is That I smell??? Pigskin!!! (Sports from Girl's POV and Day 2)

So I am 100% 10000000% excited for today. Yesterday I started to feel a bit different and for a second I didn't understand it but then I remembered... NFL KICKS OFF TONIGHT!!! No more dumb preseason games that don't matter. I get to see the real men (ok the 3rd string are also real) starting tonight. I always tend to forget exactly how much football affects my life and makes me happy. Maybe I am a little crazy or obsessed but I just can't help it. Its fricking FOOTBALL Season. I don't understand people that can go through life and not care about football... Oh well I don't like mash potatoes so that makes me weird.

What Football Means to Me:

  • Awesome games and players to watch
  • Never having a dull Sunday
  • Having an excuse to wear my jerseys
  • I'm sure Kev is disappointed I don't wear this type of outfit lol
  • Buffalo Wings and drinks
  • Competition
  • Having multiple things to look forward to
  • Monday night Football!
  • Betting (Kev and I have a friendly bet that we do the entire season. We pick what team is going to win and we do that for every game of the entire season and playoffs. Whoever loses has to buy dinner. I won the last 2 years)
  • Big hits
  • Brilliant passes and receptions
  • Fantastic runs
  • Excitement
  • Stress
  • Team Pride
  • Disappointment of being a fan of a team that never can get through the playoffs
  • Trash Talking
  • Going to games (hopefully we will go to 2 games this year)
  • Sports Talk
Needless to say I have been waiting for this day since the day after the Superbowl. I can't wait to watch some NFL!

Day 2: What does your blog name mean

I know I have explained this here before but here it is again. Here in CA there is this awesome morning show on KROQ called the Kevin & Bean show... They have a bunch of regular segments that are really funny. One of them is Thanks for that Info Bean because he often talks about useless things that no one cares about. I do the same thing so that is how my blog name came about. Sorry it wasn't a more clever story.

So are you excited for football? What does football season mean to you? I know to some of you it means having your husband watch a bunch of games that you could careless about. I'm sorry. Maybe next week I will post the basics of football or why football can be girl friendly (hello tight pants? )

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  1. Yayer!! SO stoked for tonight!! I have no fantasy players on tonight, but who cares!! I'm with you girlie!! :)

  2. when you say excited i know it's exciting:) i could go for some yummy wings tonight...25 all by myself:)

  3. I'm fine with that outfit being on her. Lol.

  4. so excited for football because that means FANTASY FOOTBALL begins! So excited for this season and your league! :)

  5. :))) We are pretty excited about this year too! Yay vikings! Lets hope they can pull this off!

    p.s. I bet you look hotter then her in your jersey! : )

    I also love your friendly competition with kev! Thats great!

  6. so i was watching the vikings saints game and the vikings just scored a TD, it was beautious, and then there was an explosion. seriously! not in my hood but nearby. super scary! so now we're watching that.