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Monday, September 20, 2010

I may be related to the Sloth

Blah! Its Monday and obviously I don't want it to be. Yet another work week and hopefully this one is better than the last.

So I am here to tell you that I feel that I may be related to the sloth because:

  • I am super lazy... I mean it. I never clean up after myself. I come home and plop myself on the couch and don't do any of my responsibilities
  • I like to sleep a lot. So much so that I even slept in today and was super late to my carpool. Bad Aimee
  • Ask my boyfriend and he will agree I am lazy!! I don't workout, I don't do chores, I don't really do anything useful. I am a lazy sloth
I am hoping to change my sloth like behaviors this week drastically so wish me luck as I start my 1000th attempt at not being lazy. Hopefully this one will work.

Weekend Recap

Well I did take some pictures this weekend but I of course forget to charge my battery so I can't upload them at work. They are not any great ones anyway because its not like I did much this weekend anyway. But I will try to put some up tomorrow :)

Friday: I literally did nothing! However, that is exactly what I wanted. I mean Wednesday I went out to karoke and didn't get home until 1 and Thursday I didn't get home till 1:45 so I was pooped by the time Friday rolled around. So I slept and Kevin cleaned the whole house. (me=sloth) Yes, I am lucky to have him.

Saturday: During the day I went to the aquariam with Chey, her husband, and her little daughter. They were having a Native American celebration so there were a lot of dancers, singers, and storytellers. It was pretty cool. I got in for free which is good because the aquariam is not worth the ridiculous admission price.

I touched this little guy.

I did get to touch some sharks and sting rays which was pretty cool. It was a good experience. We then went over and ate at Sharkeez and even though I have heard good things about it....I didn't like it. Maybe I am too hard on tacos but it was all just too bland.

When I got home I semi-helped Kevin with the organizing of the closet and half assed washed the floors (because I am a sloth). I then took PeeWee out for a bit and then sat on the couch for the rest of the night. Yep I didn't do anything Saturday night either.

Sunday: Football Day!! I was soooo pissed off that the Charger game was blacked out even on the NFL Sunday Ticket channels. It blew. I don't agree with that rule about having to sell out in order to watch the game. Sure ban it on local TV but people pay good money for Sunday Ticket or go to bars specifically for the Sunday Ticket. Qualcomm Stadium (where the Chargers play) has more seats than the majority of the NFL stadiumsso selling out there is harder than most. We did get to watch most of the touchdowns because we had our bartender put on the redzone channel (which is the best channel ever)

We were just at the bar for the afternoon games. I ate a lot of buffalo wings and I had a huge Mud Pie to myself. Yep, i was a fatty for the day. The Chargers slaughtered the Jaguars (38-13) and most of the other games came out the way I predicted so yay for me!

Well that was my weekend. I know sounds like such an exciting weekend eh. Don't be jealous ok? :) Well I hope you all had a great weekend... What did you do?


  1. Don't feel so bad. I'm a total sloth too, for all the reasons you listed. Anddd, I have probably tried a million times not to be.

  2. I found that keeping a weekly to-do list (more like a notebook) helps keep me in check. Everything from errands to run, bills to pay and gym workouts (yes I pencil in "gym and yoga" at least four times on my list because it really is just another task to complete). Oh and make sure you buy an adorable notebook...one that will draw your attention and make you open it...daily. :)

  3. I am super lazy today too. I have so much to do and I dont want to do any of it!!!

  4. I love sloths! and everyone deserves to be a sloth now and then (or all the time) :)

  5. Oh lord! I must be a sloth then too!!!!!!

    Much love and hope that you are enjoying your restful evening...PS. You blogged...that's a feat in itself, as I've discovered in the last few months of mayhem :)

    Hope xoxo

  6. Hunny, you're not related to a Sloth, you ARE a sloth. Ha ha! =)

  7. Did you know that a sloth always comes down to the ground to poo? It takes them like half the day to come down and then another half day to go back up... but at least they are considerate and don't drop their poo on the little critters down below or unwary rainforest hikers. Thats my little info for the day.

  8. I'm cracking up because I call bitches sloths all the time...FYI - UR the only Sloth I LOVE:) All the rest of them slothy bitches can go hang in a tree.! LOL U rock...your woman enough to tell us your all lazy with yourself:) Muahhh