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Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Oddities: Guest Blogger

Hello Everyone!

This is Kevin (shameless link to my Blog), and as Aimee is busy doing god-knows-what at work, I was asked to fill-in.

(Dramatization of Aimee at work...)

It's Friday, and around here, that means time for odd news stories.

Onward and upward....

I don't know, sounds like a decent way to make some money. Especially for Freshman that look like this:

Either way, someone is getting fired.

Wow, do people not edit anything anymore?

Just, wow....

At least he didn't text him about that dead hooker in the trunk...

Have a great weekend and remember to check out my blog! (Another shameless link)


  1. I have laughed myself silly over this post! Was depressed for most of the day and now..well, like I said, still laughing! Kevin, you're hilarious! Y'all have a wonderful Labor Day!