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Friday, September 24, 2010

Its the Perfect Friday to Ditch Work and Go to the Beach...

...Too bad I did not do that. Instead I am at work hoping the day goes by pretty quickly. But seriously the weather is beautiful! Its not too hot and not too cold and it is sunny with a nice breeze. Can't get much more perfect than that.

Well its time for some Friday Oddities. So kick back with some Starbucks and a Bagel (well at least thats what I am doing) and enjoy the crazies.

Even Children are Affected by the Reccession

Children's pocket money in London are at a 7 year low. How sad! How are they going to buy their bubble gum and candy? Also does the London economists have nothing better to do than researching Children's allowance?

Wind could have parted Red Sea for Moses?

I found this article very interesting. I am not a religious person, you can call me spiritual if you would like. I was raised religious though and I know all of the various bible stories. I think it is interesting to see the various viewpoints on "miracles" and I find it really interesting that wind could part water in such a vivid way.

Full Moons...not just for Werewolves

In Belgium they are now producing Paix-Dieu, a beer that is harvested by the full moon. Supposidly the full moon brings out an excellent and rich taste and makes a top-notch beer. For all you beer lovers out there it goes on sale next month in Belgium. If you are able to get your hands on it send me a review!

Dumb Criminals of the Week-Bank Robbery Gone Wrong

These 2 Albanian men attempted to rob a bank by drilling into the vault from their business above the bank. I guess thats a good technique except they forgot that drills are LOUD. Here's their sign.

Day 14: Picture of You and Your Family

Aww an old picture. I think I was 5 in this picture. Look at my shoulder pads!!

I don't know if you can see it but my sister really hasn't changed much lol

Well I hope you all have a good weekend. :)


  1. so cute... and ugh, I wish I wasnt at work right now either! BARF.

  2. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA at your picture!



    ha ha ha ha ha!

    You are too cute!

  3. Haha, I love that old photo!! Shoulder pads!!! I totally forgot they existed.

  4. i love old photographs:) how lovely! the way we dressed was something else...cute but crazy!:) bank robbers are the dumbest....ughhh! enjoy the weekend boobs...i mean lovely lady you...

  5. lol some people seem to have time to do such research, I wish they'd research more on important stuff and not allowance.lol

    love the picture of when you were little! too cute.

    hmm..I wonder the same, how does wind part the water in that pic??

    PS. i love the sections you added to the blog.

  6. omg i love the shoulder pads picture!! (:

  7. Ah, dumb criminals make such good entertainment. I love your family photos! Also, I tagged you in my latest post!