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Thursday, September 16, 2010

NFL Week One Rundown... The devil might be Ice Skating.

Hello people! It is the first entry of my Sport's from a Girl's POV football edition! So the NFL season has officially started and it is going to be a great season right? (insert excited cheers and clapping here) I decided that every week I am going to give my expert opinion on the week and predictions for the weeks to come.

If I could summarize Week 1 in 1 word I would say Unpredictable. I mean sure there were some games that everyone could predict the outcome (i.e. we all knew that Tennessee was going to woop the Raiders- Sorry Mayra) but what about those games that left us scratching our heads (Colts losing to the Texans especially with Peyton having a fantastic game.) What abot the Seattle Seahawks completly kicking the 49ers ass?

I want to feature a couple of key games of Week 1

New England Patiots vs. Cincinnatti Bengals (Pats-38, Bengals-24):

Watch out it looks like the really scary Patriots team is back and ready to kick some butt. The last two years they haven't been too big of a threat with Tom Brady being injured and then coming back from it. Now it looks like the whole team is healthy and they are a powerhouse again. The Bengals are an excellent team and I look forward to watching them especially with Ochocinco and Owens... However, I must admit that as a Charrger fan I am really afraid of seeing a super powerful New England team.

Seattle Seahawks vs. SF 49ers (Seahawks 31, 49ers-6)

This is suppose to be a good year for SF and they are suppose to have one of the best defenses in the league. They could have fooled me with how easy the Seahawks made it look to score points... Is it because Pete Carroll is a fantastic coach? maybe. Is it because SF had a horrible game? Well they did but lets give Seattle some credit too. Can Seahawks finally be excited that they have a good team this year? Only time will tell. However, that game showed us that Matt Hasselback can be a really good QB and that Alex Smith kinda sucked, I mean he didnt have any touchdowns and 2 interceptions...pathetic. Hmm maybe the seahawks have something up their sleeves. If they keep up the high scoring offense and the fantastic defense then it could be a very scary year. My prediction? It starts to peeter out halfway through the season, they are still a young team with a brand new head coach.

San Diego Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs (SD-14, KC-21)

WTF was definitly going through my head during most of this game. I should have known we were going to lose to the team I like to affectionatly refer to as the Kansas Shitty Chiefs because I had a dream that we would. However, I am not going to jump to the conclusion that this is a bad omen for SD and it must mean we are going to suck this year. Hello? Could we have been playing in any worse conditions? The loudest stadium with rain starting a rookie RB. As much as all of us fans would have loved to see us annihalate (or even beat) KC we shouldn't be too disappointed we lost.

We have a lot to clean up. 1) Offensive line and Rivers needs to have better communication 2) Matthews needs to show what he can bring to our running game 3) Rivers needs to trust our recievers. 4) Merriman needs to play and our defense needs to tighten up and 5) our special teams can not suck ass (We gave up 2 punt/kick return touchdowns/)

Also Jamal Charles and Matt Cassel (KC) look really good. I will be super happy if Jamal Charles keeps up what he is doing because he is on my fantasy team.

I predict that this is going to be a great season. I think that the first week is always weird because of rookie mistakes, first game jitters, and trying out new waters. However, I think the teams will all settle into their own and the teams that are expected to win will most likely win

I am going to make my prediction for the Superbowl and I will think it will be interesting to come back here and see if I was right. I predict that Baltimore will win over Green Bay. I think its going to be really close in the NFL because there are about 4 teams that are strong superbowl contenders. I would love to say SD makes it to the superbowl but knowing my Chargers they are lucky to win 1 game in the playoffs...

Games to Watch this Week:

Colts vs. Giants.The battle of the brothers. I love a little family rilvary... I'll pick the Colts to win
Ravens vs. Bengals... I'll pick the Ravens to win but it is going to be a super tight game

Sorry if thats too much sports talk for you :)

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  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT! Keep it comin'! AIMEE's sports POV is awesome!

  2. Love it girl! And I need that pink football! There were some pretty surprising turn outs these week... but I gotta root for the Bengals over Baltimore this week :)

  3. I'm loving the pink football. You just made sports into something sexy!

  4. I did not realize Kevin was your bf until reading Ali's blog! How fun is that!

  5. :)


    you're the cutest sportiest girl I know!:)

    Tell Kev I think he won the motherload!

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  7. I just smile and nod when it comes to football. I am trying so hard to learn it and I'm doing so much better than two years ago, but man I just don't understand the stats or rankings.