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Monday, September 13, 2010

You Lift me Up... Day 7

Hey Guys! Blah... Its Monday. I am sure you are all as bummed out about it as I am. Well I got to really start concentrating on work right now so I don't have much time to do a recap of my weekend yet. I will come back and do it on my lunch hour. :)

Day 7: Photo of Something/Someone that has Influenced your Life the Most.

It really is a beautiful campus. I always felt like I was going to an east coast college.

I know this sounds cheesy and maybe a bit strange. My college influenced my life the most. Sorry that it isn't one of my parents or really an actual person. However, if you knew me and you understand the childhood that I went through and the relationship I have with my parents then you would understand why. I feel my school includes all the great people who affected my life as ell. Whittier College is where I was able to think on my own the first time in my life, where I started growing as a person, and where I discovered myself. The people I met there were great and I hope to be friends with several of them for years to come. I also was in a society (same thing as a sorority) while I was there which is another maajor part of my life.

Another gorgeous view of the campus. This is the quad and everyone walked through this part of the campus everyday. Benefit of a small campus...you knew everyone and you would stop 10 times on the way to class to speak with friends
This rock is a big tradition on campus and all the female societies have a day where they paint it.
This is me and my pledge class on the last day of pledging :)

My college also helped me be successful because I learned how to be a leader, how to work hard, and I was able to get involved in a lot of activities since it was such a small school. I think if I would have went to a bigger school I wiuld have gotten lost in the crowd and probably taken longer to graduate and not have joined a lot of clubs. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with large schools I just know what my personality can handle.

Of course, getting my diploma has helped me in my job search. Thank you Whittier for a great education. I never had to worry about a class being too full and I graduated with a double major (business and economics)
And of course I met Kevin because of Whittier :)

Finally, if I didn't go to Whittier I would never have met my boyfriend. I feel Kevin has had a lot of influence on my life as well but that is my college still having an indirect effect since I met him through my roommate and society that I was involved in.

Don't forget about Tuesday's Feature tomorrow. Best Summer 2010 memory. Come back and link up tomorrow. Come back later to read about my weekend :)


  1. :) what a great experience at school! You're so awesome aimee..

    p.s. you could have saved yourself some time and just put a picture of me and a link to my blog... we ALL know that I am your most influential person in your life! DUH!:)

    Hope you had a good weekend doll face!

  2. Really? THAT picture of me? That was like 20 lbs ago! Lol