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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 11.... Walk Down Memory Lane

SO I decided that with todays 30 day journal entry I will attempt to walk you down memory lane with my pictures... You will notice I have changed my hair quite often just over the last 4 years. I tried to get a wide variety of years but I realized that some years I didn't take very many photos or if I did I dont have access to them any longer. Enjoy!! (WARNING: Picture Overload!!)

BTW I am sorry I have been slacking on reading your blogs as of late. Things are going a bit rough for me at work and I am trying tio figure stuff out. Oh and I decided Im not going to do Tuesday's Features... I actually didn't like doing them so they go bye bye!

Day 11: Pictures of You and Your Friends
Newest to Oldest...

Me and "AM" at country night
This was a month ago... You guys have seen the most current pics in previous posts :)
This was my first Homecoming as a college alumnae!! Thats my lineage by the way... Dynasty!! (Fall 2009)
This is me and my munchkin on Homecoming weekend (Oct 2009)

Surprise Graduation/Bday Party that Kevin threw for me. Thats me, Elle, and my little (April 2009)
Me and my "Twin" -first time bar hopping (Oct 2008)
Toga Party (Sept 2008) Me and Roomie!!
Back to School Dance. (Fall 2007)
Formal for my Society (April 2007)
From the same dance. I took my roomie as my date. This is before she pledged and became my sister!!
Me and my pledge class (minus 1). 10-4!! (Spring 2006)
My first college dance!!This was the crew I hung out with my freshman year.  (Fall 2005).
Can you spot me? Im in the back
Me(front left), Jazmin, and Jenn.First football game in college (Fall 2005)
High school grad ith some of my old hs friends, I only speak with 1 of them now. (May 2005)

Sorry that was a ton of pictures. Well I hope you all have a fantastic day! :)


  1. This is just proof that you've ALWAYS been adorable :)

  2. Cute! What sorority were you in?

    And- please share how you made that toga? mine already look so dumb!

  3. oops I meant "always" mine always look dumb. not already. blah

  4. You always have the best photos...so much fun...i got a glimpse of the sloth post...i must have missed that...gotta go read:) BTW: That's my fave word...

  5. Aw! I love the photos, especially your toga! ;)

  6. what fun pictures! you are so gorgeous!

  7. october 2009 treated you well...i love LOVE that leopard dress!!!