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Friday, March 5, 2010

All about Pigs

It's Friday and that means Odd News!!! This is my favorite themed day and boy do we have some doozies today.

Pig Panda


Read Story Here.

This is not spider pig's cousin. This is a real story about a panda that got so hungry it broke into a farm and ate like a pig. If I were those pigs I would have been very angry. I mean come on this is an animal that is usually happy sucking on sticks and eating bushes (very much like women and men).

Send us your Fat!!
Read Story Here

Is it pig appreciation day and I just missed the memo? Because trust me I appreciate the pigs, they make great food. Ham, bacon, and pork are three of my favorite meats. I don't blame Putin for being angry that Ukrain is sending over political problems rather than pig fat.

As a person that is 1) not that into politics and 2) a major fatty I must say that I agree with Putin on this point. Do you know how valuable pig fat is?

I will request that all of my followers send me some pig fat too.

Have a good Friday and remember to appreciate the pigs! (whether it be an animal or a person)

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  1. I had to laugh when I saw the comic...fat-jesus reminded me of the movie hangover. It is so much fun to read your stories and up dates! Thanks :)