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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Oddities

 Yay it's Friday! I only have like 3.5 hours of real work left and then I have a sales meeting. After that, the weekend begins. I am one of those weird people that still likes work meetings. It is probably due to the fact that this is my first real "professional" job so I'm not worn out by endless meetings. However, after today's meeting, I am booking it out of here! My weekend is full of fun! 2 parties, 1 Clippers game (its not the Lakers but oh well), and some Project Runway watching.

 Onto the good stuff....

Odd news.

There were a lot of stories today but I narrowed them down to the top 3. Keep reading because one of them includes porn!

(To read the story please click on the underlined sub-title)

Better Late Than Never

This book is returned 45 years late. How crazy is that. Imagine the librarian checking that in and seeing how old it is ("the brown-edged pages"). I wonder what they were thinking. I am always very interested in thinking about life back in different decades.

You know what is the oddest thing about this article? The fact that the city of London caps its overdue fee at $9. Maybe libraries in the US should start doing that. Often, the fees are twice as much what the book is worth. You want $56 for this picture pop-up book? That's why us Americans just keep the books.

A Real Invisibility Cloak
picture from Closed Stack

These German scientists claim that they are making headway in transformation optics. Those are just code words for "We are nerding out on Harry Potter". I guess it would be cool to have places to hide large things, but no headway has been made on hiding a truck or a person.

I don't know about you but I am kind of freaked out by the idea that one day someone will be able to walk unseen Harry Potter-style.

Pornography Problems

This gives the show Rugrats a totally different meaning!

This story speaks for itself. I mean come on, how lucky were those South Carolina boys? They thought they were going to watch some cartoons but instead they get sexy programming.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. You stories are so much fun to read! We are also happy it is Friday and nice weather :)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    P.S.(I still enjoy meetings, too)