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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Perfect Weekend-Sun and Alcohol!

Photo Credit: Sutree.com

Hola Everyone! 

I must say I had one of the most perfect weekends ever. I was sad to go to work today but I guess that means only 5 days until another weekend. You have to look at the positive spin.  I can't believe how PERFECT the weather was this weekend. I love Southern California springtime weather! It was warm enough to bring out the summer dresses, but not so hot that you feel like you are in hell; Perfection if I do say so myself.

I realized this weekend that I may like to complain about how my friends tend to flake out on me or, (when I am having my "woe is me" moments),  that I don't have any friends at all. It turns out I have some fantastic friends. I am so appreciative of them and the fun moments we have together. I often feel that I forget to "stop and smell the roses" of my beautiful relationships, new and old. 

On Friday my best friend, Ashley, and I ventured down to the Main Street by the beach I live close to (literally 10 minutes away, depending on traffic lights). This was the first time I checked out the pubs there at night and I had a lot of fun. I love beach bars because of the laid back experience. It was so much fun to catch up with her because we hadn't had the chance to really chat in a while. We then walked over to another pub called Hennessey's across the street but, sadly, the live band that was playing there had just finished.

Saturday was packed with fun activities. I went to a picnic with a bunch of my sisters (I was in a Sorority in college so I am referring to them as opposed to my biological sister). It was a lot of fun just to get out of the house during the day and soak up some sun. There were water balloons and, though I was making a fuss about not wanting to get wet, I was disappointed when we ended up not having a balloon war. Sometimes you have to kick off your shoes and be a kid again. 

That night Kevin and I had people over to play some board games and enjoy some drinks.  We ended up having about 8 people over, the perfect amount for games. We played Loaded Questions which has turned into my favorite game. What is your favorite?

On Sunday, my cousin came over which was exciting because I usually only see her once a year at Christmas time. However, she had just turned 21 so she was down here for her birthday. We ended up at the beach again and had lunch at Hennessey's, who coincidentally have great food. My (biological) sister and her husband met us there and we headed down to the beach.. I can't tell you how excited I am that it is beach weather again. Maybe I can actually get a little bit of color!

I am linking this to Relatively Unique's link party about what makes my heart smile. This past weekend reminded me of everything that makes me happy, time with loved ones and sunshine. Oh I guess a little bit of cocktails and wine never hurts right?

What makes you happy? How was your weekend?


  1. That sounds like a perfect weekend! We have never been to Ca, but hear that you do have the perfect weather! Thank you for so much for linking along with us!

  2. Popping in from Wendy's ... My SIL lived in La Jolla for several years, providing us with great vacations. Now she lives in Iowa -- perhaps a little less exotic. :-)

    Can't think of much better than playing cards or games with neighborhood friends.

  3. i like your weekend :)

    my weekend was pretty good. now i'm just counting the days til friiiiday! yee!