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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Story of a Space Cadet with Horrible Luck!


Ok so I will not be doing a feature today because I am having a very stressful day. I normally would not post at all but I thought I would share my misfortune with you just in case you need a reason to feel better about your day;)

So I lost my work laptop, yes the one that my work bought for me. I went to the bathroom prior to leaving work yesterday and I put it down while I washed my hands. Well because I am such a space cadet I left without my computer bag,laptop and all. Keep in mind that this bathroom is not just for my work but the other office suites as well.

So I did not realize this mistake until I got hone at 8 pm. It is now missing in action. It really blows, I thought that I was going to get fired but my boss just laughed at me.

I do have a new computer but all of my documents and paperwork are gone. This is bad for anyone but for someone with OCD its horrible. I had detailed Excel spreadsheets on there and now I have to try to reproduce those.

So lesson of the day: Make sure you always have all of your belongings, especially something as important as your work computer.

Space Cadet


  1. oops...sorry lady. that really sucks. and actually, it didn't make me feel better about my day.