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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Insert Clever Title Here- Tuesday's Feature

It's Tuesday and that means it is time for Tuesday's Feature. Today I am going to review one of my favorite foods: Steak. I love steak more than life itself and I am very particular about the way its cooked. Many people think the way i prefer my steak cooked is "disgusting" (Kevin) but hey, it's my food so back off!

The Perfect Steak: Medium rare. I prefer it to where the savory juices drip onto the plate, enabling me to dip the steak in it. I never have to use any type of sauce (A-1, Hollandaise, Mustard) because there is no need. It is delicious as is.

My personal choice? Filet Mignon, topped with mushrooms or King Crab.
Best Steak I have ever had:
I went to this pricey restaurant, which happens to be a short walk from my condominium, called Maderas Steak & Ribs. It's a relatively small restaurant with an average decor and stellar customer service. The food was incredible! The steak was cooked to perfection. The strongest testament to the quality of the meal was the fact that Kevin, who is notorious for needing sauce on everything, abstained from A-1 due to the tenderness and flavor of the steak. I ordered a Filet Mignon topped with King Crab, which was a revelation of flavor. After the meal, the owner came to ask how we felt about it. When we informed him of our immense satisfaction, he mentioned that they import their steaks from the midwest, who use a more natural form of raising cattle. The end of the night was bittersweet as I was sad to leave, but super satisfied with my meal. 

Steak House I've been Dying to try:

I have heard so many good reviews from this place, i'm itching to head on in. Not helping in this cause is the fact that someone I know works there, thus I hear about it more than I should. Residing in the $50-plus per person price range, Ruth's Chris is a bit out of my price range normally, however, Kevin and I are hopefully going to take advantage of the discount rates during OC Restaurant Week. Unfortunately,  steak is not on the predetermined menu for the event. Sad times. Still, I am determined to eat a Steak here. I just hope it lives up to its lofty expectations.
Do you have a favorite steak or steak house?



  1. lol. Nice.

    Although I'm not a big steak lover, I do prefer my steak burnt to a crisp. Sounds totally gross but it makes my mouth water!

  2. Oh I messed up.when I stated "That was all Kevi" I meant not fixing the title and making it sound better-he claims I write like a 2nd grader. But it was my entry still

    I confuse myself.

    D-lo: that is very gross but I have to respect your steak needs. (that's what she said)

  3. I need some steak now. Those pics make me want to gnaw on my computer screen. DROOL!