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Friday, March 26, 2010

This Wedding Blows...your mind!! (Random Fridays)

1) One way to liven up a wedding
Ok, so when Kevin & Bean told this story it sounded much more extreme because I thought the person blew his brains out.Dang radio announcers "decorating" a story.

Brief Summary: Gun with 1 bullet (rubber) in it at a wedding. Takes it out to play Russian Roulette with it and nothing happens. Hands it off to another guest who then shoots himself in the head with a rubber bullet.Severe head trama.

If the wedding sucked that bad they should have just left.

2) Dwarf Park

I have to admit that I would totally go to this park. But I am the bad person that wants to hire a midget for a party, I know I have my flaws.

The Little People's Kingdom is a park where dwarfs perform for guests. I guess you can view it in the bad light and say it is inequality and making mockery of dwarfs.  However, the dwarfs even said that this park helps them get jobs and be "respected" in a place where they normally would not.

I feel that if they are happy and they are making other people fascinated then this park is doing its job. If I was in China I would go to this park to support the little people and to also see the Swan Lake performance.

3)Don't tell mom

Short news story but great! I mean come on, this punk is trying to be a bad a** but as soon as he gets put in place he wants to make sure that the clerk does not tell his mom. It can be filed under stupidest criminals and also momma-boy criminals.

Happy Friday!


  1. I can tell you have a quirky sense of the world, Bravo. Little people are scary as hell when they are a mob, not cute at all. I never trusted those munchkins!

  2. Russian roulette at a wedding? It's sad when people need that much attention.However, I enjoy reading about their chemical imbalances. Exactly like you said, they choose to work there so good for them! If it's a win/win for everyone involved, sounds good to me!