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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Team Loyalties-Sports from a Girl's POV

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Team Loyalty and Crazyness! *It's Everywhere*

I am guilty of abnormal team loyalty and slight extreme craziness. I will admit that I have a tattoo of the San Diego Charger bolt on my ankle. I have even had hostile feelings towards people based on their team affiliation. But there is a line that only the least sane fans cross, and some people are running over it like it's nothing.

What makes people so crazy about their teams? How often do we hear about fights breaking out at games or bars because one person is a Yankee fan and the other a Red Sox fan? 

Being a fan of a specific team can define a small part of who you are and often times you feel more connected to a stranger because you see them wearing your team's hat. I am a Charger fan through and through and I often feel like I am a part of a family when I see other Charger fans.

I have been thinking about this over the past few weeks because of the olympics, specifically Hockey. For those of you who aren't aware, almost all of the international hockey teams are comprised of professional hockey players, be it NHL, KHL or other pro leagues.

Often times there will be players on the same team (US or Canada) who are bitter rivals during the season, but come together for the national team. So you will find fans  rooting for a player, or players,  who they usually hate. Its a fascinating phenomenon if you take the time to think about it.

Here are some crazy things sport fans do: (and once again I am guilty of a few of these)
  • Get a tattoo (check)
  • Get in a fight because of a sports team (only verbal for me)
  • Wear only your teams parephenellia
  • Schedule important events (ie: Wedding) around sports seasons (will do that one day)
  • Name a child after an athlete
  • Live and die for a specific team (on;y during football season;) 

Do you have a specific team that you are passionate about? Any crazy fan stories?



  1. If I remember correctly. The first time you came over was when Kevin and I were watching the Lakers vs the Celtics in the '08 Finals.

    Out of every color under the sun, you came over wearing and ALL GREEN DRESS! Bad first impression. I'm still a little upset.

  2. I'm a die hard Gators fan. I still miss my days at the Swamp. Sigh.