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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What the Noid?!?!

Happy Hump Day!!

Today is a lucky day for me because someone returned my laptop! I now have faith in people again, gosh I am just so happy. I know I am a nerd, but I was ecstatic when I saw my fully formatted Excel spreadsheet ready for me when I opened my laptop. That was one project I was not looking forward to re-doing.

So, Kevin and Bean on KROQ did a feature of the 10 best ad characters, as well as the most annoying ad characters. I have decided to share the annoying ones with you.

Guyism.com did a feature on the 13 most annoying ad characters of all time.

13)Talking Babies-E*Trade.
I very much disagree with this one. I think E*Trade was smart to utilize babies in their commercials.
12) Nasonex Bee
11) Mr. Mucas-Mucinex
This character is so gross looking. I don't need to be seeing a cartoon snot character on TV. Gross.
10) Oven Mitt- Arby's
 Very much agree with them on this one. Why use an oven mitt for advertising but especially for Arby's? Poor marketing.
9) Sponge Monkeys- Quiznos
8) Chester Cheetah
 I disagree here. I think they are just jealous of his coolness.
7) Taco Bell Chihuahua
 How is this not in the top 3? So annoying!
6) Pillsbury Dough Boy
 Not only do I disagree with this one but he was in the Top 10 Ad characters of all time, how controversial. I think he is a cutie.
5) Mr. Six- Six Flaggs
 Oh my goodness yes, one hundred times over! This midget old man needs to be put in a home, never to be heard from again.
4) White Gold-Milk
3)The General- General Insurance
 I think the jingle is way more annoying then him. I am going to look up if there is a Top 10 Worst Ad Jingles of all time.
2) Aflac Duck
 I agree with it being on the list but how is the Chihuahua not higher than the duck???
1) The Noid-Dominos
 I am too young to remember this ad character but you better believe I am going to look these commercials up. I mean it has to be super annoying to top the list.

Kevin would like to add in "The Survival Insurance Guy from the 90's".

Are there any that didn't make the lsit that you felt should have? Or do you disagree with any on this list?

Have a great night!


  1. Well, first off: dun dun dun dun dun dun dun! Just kidding. I promise I'm not dancing.

    The six flags old man creeps me out. I don't know if it's a wise decision to allow him around children, either. I would not be surprised if I spotted him on To Catch A Predator.

    I too like the Pilsbury Doughboy and Chester Cheetah? They only WISH they were that cool!

    I actually mildly remember the Noid, but not too well. I just remember being a little freaked out. That's a scary image for a toddler!

    Thanks for that info, Aimee!

  2. This may be considered more gross than annoying but those fugly Quizno's rats were revolting to watch!

  3. Whew..sorry you ever misplaced that nice laptop, but sooooo happpppppppy it was safely returned! Yes, that would have restored my hope in humanity too.

    Thanks for popping over to my place recently and leaving such a sweet comment. Made my day Miss Aimee!

    Blessings, Joy and Thursday Sunshine, Terri