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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Since I wasn't planning on posting today.... Oh and a few more pictures for you :)

So I wasn't planning on posting today because me being the dumba$$ I am I forgot to put what my Tuesday Feature was going to be. Seriously, I need to get better at that lol. Any recommendations for next week's feature??

Well Star tagged all her followers on this little fun survey thingy and in case you haven't noticed I like surveys because I like to talk about myself they are fun. And this one is a GIRLY survey :)


blusher or bronzer - I like blush!! Sometimes too much though
lip gloss or lip stick - lip gloss

eye liner or mascara - both please.. but I guess eyeliner

foundation or concealer - foundation

neutral or colour eye shadow - is gray neutral?

pressed or loose eye shadow - pressed

brushes or sponges - depends... for eyes-brushes but for foundation-sponge

I kinda want to get my nails done like this now

opi or china glaze -OPI

long or short - medium. I guess mine would be short

acrylic or natural - acrylic

brights or darks - brights (I love mhy toenails to be hot pink)



perfume or body splash - I like both but perfume

jeans or sweat pants - jeans, Im never in sweats
lotion or body butter - lotion

body wash or soap - body wash

lush or other bath company - Wow am I a bad female if Ive never heard of Lush? Others obviously

Im kinda craving a bubble bath right now and I never take those. Hmmm


long sleeve or short - short

dresses or skirts - dresses

stripes or plaid - stripes

flip flops or sandals - flippie floppies

scarves or hats - um neither?

studs or dangly earrings - dangly

necklaces or bracelets - necklaces

heels or flats - heels

The higher the better!

cowboy boots or riding boots - riding boots... Or just some sexy FMB (or CMFs) or cute ankle boots. Now that its fall I have a ton of choices

jacket or hoodie - jacket



curly or straight - HMMM I guess straight
bun or ponytail - ponytail

bobby pins or butterfly clips - bobby pins (what are we in 6th grade again?)
hair spray or gel - hair spray

long or short - short (well Iwish I could get my hair long but that just doesnt work)

light or dark - dark

side sweep bangs or full bangs - neither

up or down - both


Is that random enough for you?

rain or shine - sunshine

summer or winter - Summer

fall or spring - fall (football)

chocolate or vanilla - chocolate

Oh and you guys all are TAGGED!! Let me knowif you do it :) Oh and if you didnt have enough pictures yesterday here are just a few more. :) Have a happy Tuesday (its my monday!)
Scooby Doo is Cuddly


My cat tired herself out from reading (thats her little paw and thats my Cosmo lol)

Aww isnt this precious??


  1. Love it.

    You are too cute! I like when you talk about yourself!

    and the pictures are fabulous as well! Love that you have a camera now!

  2. Well I guess your my kinda lady. I love everything you do...who the hell wears flats.....bahahaha...j/k...no offense all you flat wearing people....:)

  3. So i had some major catching up to do - awesome photos! And cute pigtails!

    Also, WTF? Butterfly clips? I thought the same thing you typed before I even read what you typed. BAHAHA

    I love wearing heels, too - they can make me feel pretty no matter what i think my face or hair looks like in a given day. I have horrendously tacky patent leather cheetah print Jessica Simpsons and I love them to death - they never match anything I wear, but that's ok in my book!

    I'm excited for FF, even though my old man of a backup QB is falling apart this preseason, YIKES!

  4. Well I'm glad you posted today. Got to know more about you and you are so adorable! I'm a girly girl - always have been - and the more make-up the better. I used to be one of those annoying make-up sales ladies in the mall.