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Friday, August 13, 2010

These Rhinos need to Get it On!! {Friday Oddities}

Happy Friday!!

Today has been a great day for me because I got my first engagement letter at work today! Its a decent sized deal too so I am stoked. Hope all of your Fridays have been great... Time for some odd news,

Rhinos' Honeymoon Suite

[source: Yahoo! Odd News]
These endangered Rhinos need to get it on and the Nepal zoo is doing everything in their power to encourage them. They have even opened a "honeymoon suite" to set the mood for some breeding. Don't the zoo workers understand that Kancha and Kanchi have been living each other for so long they are practically married. Come on we know married people don't have much sex ;).

Well I hope this new enclosure which is equipped with ponds  (hot tubs??) and mud baths will encourage them to get it on.

Homeless Man with Platnium Credit Card

Source: Viewpoint.com
Would you give your credit card to a homeless person if you didn't have any cash? I wouldn't. This one NY executive had a lot of faith and when she was approached by a homeless man instead of informing him that she didn't have any cash on her she meerly gave him her  platinum American Express card to borrow. All of her friends told her she would not get it back (I would have told her the same thing) but the homeless man brought it back to her. He only charged $25 to buy himself some food and living necessities. Wow!

Bedbug Hunting

Source: Cango.com
Awww isn't he Cute?
So I have heard of taking dogs hunting. They are pretty good in tracking rabbits, deer, and small game. But I have never heard of using a dog to hunt for bedbugs. This NY retailer has hired a dog to hunt out bedbugs in their store just in case. They have never had a problem with bedbugs it is just "prudent" to go that extra step. I wasn't even aware that retail stores had a problem with bedbugs but I guess some stores have reported cases.

Shorties can be Police Officers in France

Until recently, there was a law in France which banned people who are 1.6 M (5'3) or shorter from joining the squad. There were, of course, many complaints on how discriminatory this restriction was. Now they judge it based on if you can do all the duties necessary. Too bad one of those duties is being able  to touch a ceiling that is 5'10 without jumping. (JK of course).

Yay now I can go to France and become a police officer. Can I join the French army? Nope, that height requirement is still in place.

Some other stories worth reading

Inmate eats another's glasses
Wow, 'nuff said.

Kids Buy Plane Ticket and Fly to Florida
Imagine being the parent getting a call from your youn pre-teen letting you know that they are in a completly different state.

Weekend Plans

Friday:  Going to go over to our friends Chris and D-lo from Welcome to My Humble Ablog. Haven't seen them in ages so should be fun

Saturday: Hopefully going to have some time with one of my friends who I haven't seen in a while. No definite plans yet though. Just going with the flow.

Sunday: Most likely the dog beach. We need to clean the house too. So some of those

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. oh happy friday it is....that dog is theeee cutest...:) seeing how i have no money on my cards...i wouldn't..haha:) enjoy the weekend! have fun...