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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Massages make me Smile! So do you... :)

So I am very motivated for today to be a better day than yesterday. Thank goodness for my AMAZING massage last night that made up for the horrible workday I had yesterday

So it is Wednesday and around here that means I get to share with you a bunch of info that you could care less about ;). Time to learn more about Aimee with Wee Bit Wednesdays and Way Back Wednesday!

{one} how would you describe your style?

Girly, trendy, hoochie (hahaha well at times). I tend to dress in black and grays a lot. Pink is a color that has been popping up a lot lately. I usually can be found in jeans, a low cut top and heels. I am in heels 90% of the time...I swear I don't usually look like a hooker though
{two} what would your perfect day look like?

Bright and sunny! Either beach or water park during the day, sporting event at night, then followed up with a kickback at my place with games and drinks :)

{three} what would be the best workplace perk?

lots and lots of paid time off. (I'll agree with Leigh on this one)... I'll go a step further though and say that having perks to timeshares or fancy hotels through your work would be great. Also, I would love box seats to a game.

{four} if you could have the starring role in one movie, which would it be?

Um hmmmmmm good question. I don't know. Can I go back in time and do Titanic? Because 1) it was such a popular movie...I would be rich suckers! and 2) I had/have the biggest crush on Leo.

Yes Please!

{five} what tv show do you wish would go off the air for good?

All of the reality shows that don't exhibit a talent. I love Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, and So You Think You Can Dance because they require talent. All the "find you mate" love shows and then the dumb heiress crap (Keeping up with the Kardashians) should not be on TV
{six} chocolate or vanilla?

CHOCOLATE!!!!! Yes, please.

{seven} if you could date any celebrity, who would it be?

Hmmmmmmmmm good question. I really don't even know which ones I find attractive. Ok... Bradley Cooper...especially how he looked in the Hangover.
I like my men with a full head of thick hair

{eight} if you could have been the author of any book, which would it have been?

Im going to copy Leigh again and say Harry Potter

{nine} what's your favorite type of flower?


{ten} what do you think is your most attractive feature?
My eyes... Hands down no hesitation.
Look deep into my eyes

This Week's Topic: First Car

1995 Ford Taurus (Mine did not look this nice)

I was a late bloomer when it came to cars. I am not talking late meaning I got one when I was 17 or 18. I didn't get my license until I was 20 years old. Yep you heard read that right, 20. Why did I wait so long? Well I was heavily involved in track and never had any free time to learn how to drive. So I just decided to wait till I was 18 (its cheaper that way anyhow). Then when I tried to drive I realized I had no peripheral vision so that delayed things a while. It sucked not driving...especially since I went away to college.
Anyway this is about my first car not my challenges in getting a license. So I got a car the summer I turned 20. I had $1500-2000 to spend on a car and I didn't want to have payments so I got a used car. This was the first car I looked at and I really wished I would have looked some more or at least test drove it. Alas I am an Idiot so I just took it to my mechanic to check it over and then bought it for $1200 and put about $300 into it initially.
This car was a piece of junk but it was my piece of junk nonetheless. There were some kinks that had to be worked out before I drove it to college... One thing was it woudl stall all the time. Finally we discovered it was because the fuel injector was broken. Well at least I know how to handle a stalled car on a freeway and in the middle of an intersection.
Me and that car went on many adventures together and it even lasted through a drive to Vegas. I think the car did really well for how many miles it had on it. When little P.I.M.P finally broke down for the last tinme I was on my way to work and suddenly my car just started deaccelerating even though my foot was on the gas pedal...Imagine how scary that is on a CA freeway? So the car lasted me 2 years and the final mileage on it was over 200,000. Pretty good for a Ford.
I have learned many lessons from that car.
  • Watch behind you when you are reversing. I dont even want to talk about how many walls I hit. My car was a tank though
  • Keep your cool when the car breaks down on the freeway or in the middle of an intersection. Emergency Flashers are your best friend.
  • Always always have a spare tire in your trunk.
  • Splurge for the non-used tires because the $25 ones will just blow out after a month or two
  • Once the A/C breaks it is time for a new car or just fork out the $ to pay for a new A/C. Especially if its summertime in Southern Cali.

Sorry its a long post. Thats just how Wednesdays are...Don't like it? Tough! ;)

Happy Hump Day!!


  1. Ha ha. I didn't get my license until later, too.

    I was 18, which meant I didn't have to pay for driving school. I just had to study the manual and then take the written test and a 15 minute driving test and wa-la...I had a license!!

    My first car was a 1996 Geo Metro. It had no power steering...but that okay because it helped tone up my arm muscles! :)

  2. I need a massage:) ahhhh...your eyes are gorgeous! I love big eyes!

    Black clothes and I are mates too....You can never go wrong! xoxo

  3. you had me at massage...that's like my most favorite thing to do.

    that reminds me...i need one soon. sigh.

    happy wednesday darling! ps. you're eyes are amazing ;)

  4. Love high heels, and bradley cooper!!

    Too funny about you and your p.i.m.p. car ~ Thanks for sharing your tips, $25 tires are definitely too good to be true!