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Monday, August 16, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Everyone Wants me to Eat Crap

Happy Monday!!

So its here...The day that some of you have been waiting for, my announcement of the winner of my Giveaway! Everyone had a good chance of winning because not too many people entered. Thats ok, though, maybe next time I will have a better turn out. Thank you to everyone who participated. I really appreciated it. I really appreciate all of you followers. Who knows I might host another giveaway when I reach 100 followers. :)

The Winner Is.......
OK So I am not nifty with blogger at all or the internet/computer in general and I couldnt figure out how to get the nice picture of the results (I know I am lame). Just for your information I used the random number generator so trust me I did not cheat nor pick favorites.

Brittany from Unexpected Surprises won!!! I thought this was really funny because it must be her lucky week. She won Leigh Ashley's Giveaway, potty trained her son, and won mine! Crazy. So Congrats girly... If you haven't checked out her blog you really should. Her blog rocks almost as much as she does. Congrats Girly!!!


In other news, I am starting a healthy eating regime. I have decided not to call it a diet anymore because when I do people go all sorts of crazy on me. They say "Why are you on a diet", "You are skinny", and "You shoudln't do that". I'm not on a weightloss diet (but if I happen to lose 3-5 pounds I will not complain). My boyfriend and I decided to go on this healthy diet for 6 weeks because we were tired of eating crappy food. Even when I explain that to some of my friends I am still getting push back on it. Why are they angry at me for eating healthier? They said I need to cut myself some slack and "live life". Thats what I am trying to do people! I am trying to eat better so I can live a longer and healthier life.I'm not kidding. One of my friends said I was being ridiculous for giving up alcohol... Its only for 6 weeks and there are so many empty calories in alcohol. Someone else was mocking me and trying to tempt me to eat chocolate cake this weekend.

I worry about what America has come to when I am  challenged because I made a choice to eat healthier. Its not like I am looking down on my friends if they decide to go to McDonalds. I don't wave a carrot in front of their face telling them how much better it is for them. Or scoff when they order a Margarita. Just last week I ate out at fast food places and drank several fruity drinks, Im just challenging myself to change my lifestyle. Mostly to see if I can. Have you guys gone on a healthy food kick before? Did you have similar reactions?

Anyway, enough complaining...I just started this "diet" on Saturday. Basically, I eat small meals every 3 hours. I am actually semi-liking it. I mean I am sad that I have given up Starbucks and most alcohol for 6 weeks (I can still drink Moscato) but I feel so much better after I eat. I start the exercising today so hopefully I do well on that. Wish me luck. I will probably keep you guys updated 1-2 times a week on my progress and any challenges I have.

The typical day is:
Breakfast: Bowl of Mini Wheats with non-fat or soy milk
Snack: Wheat thins and a Banana
Lunch: Sandwich or Tuna, salad, and fruit.
Snack: Baby Carrots or Celery w/ peanut butter
Dinner: Chicken breast or lean meat with 2 cups veggies.
Dessert: Low-fat vanilla ice cream or non-fat frozen yogurt with berries. (Best dessert ever!!)
This is before I mush it all together

This is after I mix it all together and smash up the berries. Trust me it taste 100x better than it looks

Brief Weekend Recap:

Friday: We went to my friends' (Chris and D-lo) house. We ate dinner and watched Beetlejuice. I ended up passing out on their sofa pretty early as I was EXHAUSTED! I felt horrible though because I wanted to hang out with them.
Saturday: I did absolutly nothing!! Kevin was sick all weekend so this day was just a lazy day. I got invited to go out but I didn't want to leave him home alone with how sick he was.
Sunday: I went to a brunch (yummy) and then to the dog beach. I cooked dinner when I came home (lemon chicken and asparagus), I felt so domesticated.

Hope you all had a great weekend. If you are stopping by from Mingle Monday, welcome!!



    ARE YOU SERIOUS???!?!?!

    I just got my cards in the mail today! I was so thrilled, and now I am doing a happy happy joy joy dance! :))) This is sooo exciting!

    Thank you!

  2. I'm sorry your friends aren't supporting you on trying to eat healthy. My guess is that they like hanging out with you and are afraid they won't see you as much if you're on a health kick (no more sitting for hours over a cocktails and appetizers chatting away for example). Maybe invite your friends over for smoothies or something so they still get quality friend time? I go on health kicks often--usually because it's my body telling me I need some healthy food in it. One thing I've discovered is the more you do it, the easier it is to find a balance and picking healthier option becomes easier and easier. Best of luck to you!

  3. she wins mad shit...haha:) happy monday!

  4. Congrats to Brittany!! It is her lucky week!

    That's great you are going to eat healthy! I try to do that most of the time too and it really does make a huge difference in how you feel day to day.

  5. gag i hate diets! that's why i rarely call them that unless it's a joke like my smoothie diet, which btw did help me shed a couple lbs so whaddup! haha!

    but really you are too skinny you lucky biatch! if you just say you're eating healthy then it's all good. i'm down with that! ;)

  6. yes, that Brittany... one lucky girl!

    I get the exact same reactions from idiot people who are supposed to be my loved ones, my nearest and dearest friends, when I try to eat healthier. I inherited a super duper high total Cholesterol level that should have probably killed me by now, and when I break out the whole wheat, people act really crappy toward me. I'm tiny and they think I'm anorexic. I ditched the Krispy Kremes the entire week at the beach and my family thought i was crazy or something. It angers me SO much - your post just got me all riled up! ha ha :) Just hang in there and do what you want. You'll feel better and live longer than everyone else!

  7. Oh Congrats Britney!! Love her<3