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Thursday, August 19, 2010

30 Things I vow to do this Summer **UPDATED**

So back on June 10th I participated in Mama Kat's writing workshop about 30 things I vowed to do. With less than a month left to accomplish these goals I thought I would give you an update. I decided  I would have until Sept 12th to complete these goals. I will do Fall goals too I think. Having goals is good :)

1) Have a ton of fun ...doing good thus far

2) Go to the beach at least 5 times (hopefully more) Dog Beach for the win!

3)Lose 5 pounds.... Idon't even know because I avoid scales

4) Feel comfortable with my body....I think I will be there pretty soon with this new healthy food kick

5) Work out at least 4 times a week ...FAILED! This will have to be on my fall goals

6) Read at least 5 books (hopefully more). Im on my 5th one now

7) Talk and hang out with my friends more. I have been super good about this goal lately.

8) Go on 2 weekend getaways or more. SD and LV... :)

9) Clean more.....Another Epic Fail.

10) Eat healthier

11) Enjoy the finer things in life I went to a couple of museums. I stopped to "smell the roses" and examined all the awesome natural things there is around us. I also had fun doing random things

12) Lay out by the pool... I haven't really had the urge maybe this wknd

13) Make sure to wear SPF ALL the time. We don't need me looking like a lobster. ... Not all the time but I haven't gotten sunburnt yet (knock on wood)

14) Pick up a new hobby... Do computer games count?

15) Stay in better touch with my family. Eh.... I don't know yet

16) Work really hard at my job

17)Tell myself everyday that I am a beautiful woman Yes I have actually done this

18) Spoil my loved ones. I like to think that I have

19) Go to SD Wild Animal Parrk... Not yet

20) Take Kevin to a water park. He has never been to one before, can you believe that?... I am hoping for next weekend

21) Learn how to cook more things And even more to come.Once I get good enough I will take pictures of some of it.

22) Bake cookies and brownies for people. FAIL...Havent even thought about it

23) Discover fun outdoor things to do around my neighborhood. I have taken walks in the park. Thats all there is to do.

24) Go to 3 (1) baseball games.. 1 and thats all Im going toand Im happy with that

25)Practice my writing Thats what my blog is for...Also work emails have gotten better

26) Write in my blog every single day this summer, if possible. ...FAIL-I'll try for Sept

27) Think about others more

28) Have a lot of girl nights,...I have had much more than have had in a while

29) Find new friends... Made quite a few this summer

30) Show my family, friends, and other loved ones that I love them. I like to think I did

Adding More Because Im cool

31) Beat 2 computer games

32) Read at least 1 more book before Sept 10th

33) Have a political debate and make good points with support.... I had a heated gay marriage debate over facebook with some of my sisters friends. I like to think I won.I know I used lots of good points

34) Find a good hairstyle and color for fall. Get that done! (suggestions welcome)

35)Find a new exotic healthy resturant

36) Eat food from 8 different cuisines.... In progress

-American (lots of different meals)

-Mexican (fajitas, tacos, carne asada)

-Italian (went to an authentic Italian restaurant)

-Thai (yummy curry, pad thai, and coconut ice cream)

-japanese (lots and lots of sushi)

37) Go to a country western night and line dance. Done and Done

38) Go on a "new" date. (meaning one kev and I have never been on before)

39) Dress summery I even got a couple of summer dresses :)

40) Try a new experience


  1. You are seriously the cutest thing ever!

    Looks like you're having a great summer, and scratching off a lot of things on your list! :))

    Keep up the good work lady!!

    HAPPY (almost) Friday!!!

  2. I avoid scales at all costs too....if i feel good no need to see the numbers...computer games are addicting then i stopped because of viruses...i wanna see the summer dresses...i love em:) what a great way to wrap up the end of it! ur quite the busy gal!:)