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Monday, August 23, 2010

A Whole Lotta Nothing...Oh and I go off on Tangents A lot

Happy Monday! I swear I hate Mondays...Well not as much as I hate Tuesdays. By Wednesdays I have finally come at terms with the week, I know thats pretty sad eh? I do like Monday evenings, however, becaue that usually means cheap night at Hookah or Weeds. I am so excited Weeds is back...I love that show and so far this season is looking fantastic. Oh and Dexter is on soon as well. WOOT WOOT. These are just a few of the reasons why fall is becoming my favorite season (of course Football trumps it all).

This weekend was an "eh, ok" one. I really didn't do much. Thats okay though because earlier this month and last month I was jamming my weekends so full that we didn't have time to breath. So it is nice to curl up on the couch and read a book. I am happy to report that I finally caught onto The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trend. Before I couldn't get through the first chapter but now I am addicted, it is soo good. A lot of my weekend was spent reading that.

Friday: I did go to the bonfire. It was ok. It was nice seeing my friends I hadn't seen in forever. I have decided that I hate bonfires though because they hurt my eyes. I am not being a baby either. I literally had to sit under a blanket because my eyes were watering and burning so much. I know they got pictures of me under the blanket so as soon as those are posted I will share (I think I have mentioned this before but I am a horrible person because I don't own a camera... I know what type of blogger/person doesn't have a camera?).I did have a yummy s'more which my little made for me.

At the bonfire I realized how high maintenance I am. I blame it on my boyfriend. I didn't want to make a hot dog so my old roomie made it for me and then my little made me a s'more. Gosh how lazy am i? Is it sad that I just want to go out to a restaurant because I like to be waited on? One of my other "sisters" (I was in a sorority in college) was poking fun at me with my healthy foodkick and she said "mayo is the bond that seals us together" LOL see this is the shit I have to hear. I thought it was pretty funny nonetheless.

My little and I then went to hookah later and that was fun. The real fun was on the way home because we got distracted. We were talking so much that we lost track of time and where we were at. We actually ended up in Compton...Luckily it was the nice part of Compton (yes amazingly there is a nice area) and we were able to just get right back on the freeway. Thats why you shouldn't talk and drive.

Saturday & Sunday: Both these days pretty much consisted of me lounging around the house all day reading and watching TV. Well on Saturday we did end up going to my best friend's surprise bday party even though I didn't want to go. (Im not a horrible friend I swear i just got told about it way late and I live very far away). It ended up being just as lame as I thought it would and we left pretty early. Well early considering the party didn't even start till 11:30. It just wasn't fun and I don't like the majority of people that were there. Their idea of fun is sitting in the grass and talking the whole night while ignoring those people that arent around that much. Im not around a lot because I booked it out of my hometown as soon as I was able to. Just take my word for it that it was SUPER boring.

{Source: MyCarHatesYou.com}
Poor Kevin had to go into work yesterday to finish up a really important grant. I stayed home all day. I took PeeWee for a walk and that was the extent of my excitement for the day. I still had a good day of reading and letting the pets run wild in the house.

I'm hoping for a very fun and exciting time next weekend. I am trying to drag Kevin to a waterpark.

Weekly Goals:
-Start working out
-Cook at least 3 yummy meals
-Do my laundry
-Work harder on cleaning
-Try to get my motivation back at work.

Oh and a little welcome to those who stopped by from Monday Mingle :).

How was your weekend?

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  1. so excited for Dexter coming back on!!!

  2. I watched the first season of Weeds a few years ago and loved it. I might have to see if I can rent some of the other seasons. Also, good to hear you liked the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book. I have been wanting to read it, but wasn't sure if I could get into it either.

  3. I love Weeds - we just watched the first 5 seasons on netflix and can't wait to watch this season! A friend just bought me the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book - I've heard great things and can't wait to read it!

  4. found you on mingle monday! i looooooooooove dexter. its so wrong how hot he is!

  5. WE ARE MEANT TO BE BF's4E! We own every season fo weeds thus far! Its a freakin obsession..

    I think I should just move in with you. I'll be like a pet.. or a sister.. what'evs!

    We can paint each others toe nails, and watch football. It'll be PERFECT! :)))

  6. everyone is reading that book! I think i have to read it now!

  7. OMG my fiance recently made me OBSESSED with Dexter! Thanks for stopping by from Mingle Monday--I'm following you!

  8. Thanks for your comment! OOoh mondays are so much better now that weeds is back, is dexter coming back soon? I almost died at the end of last season!!