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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blood, strains, and dumb plays... Sports from a Girl's POV

Sorry for the two posts again in one day. Started feeling guilty that all Ive been doing is venting this week on my entries so figured that I would give you guys what you expect from me on Thursday... SPORTS!!

Sports from a Girls POV: Injuries in Preseason

There is nothing that I find more stupid and ridiculous in the sporting world then players getting injured in the preseason. I cringe when I hear about it. You should be practicing hard and playing the games as if they were real during training camp and preseason but not hard enough where you ruin your season  (and potentially your team's season).

For this exact reason is why I disagree with having your franchise player playing for more than a series or two during a preseason game. While it is a general unwritten rule that there is no blitzing in the preseason and the hits shouldn't be as hard you can't always avoid it. That is like putting a cake in front of a fat kid and telling him not to eat it... The chubsters is always going to eat the cake and the football players are always going to want to tackle hard and blitz the QB. Fair enough just be careful.

There is nothing worse than hearing about your players having to miss the entire season because of a dumb meaningless play during a preason game or even worse during a training camp practice

Key Injuries and Dumb Moves:

Broncos: Oh man they had quite a scary preseason where it was beginning to look  like they were going to have no running backs and most likely have to play their 3rd string. Lucky for them (and their fans) most of their players have returned. One of the injuries they had was Tebow (a rookie QB I love to hate) who got a rib injury when he ran into 2 bengals at an exhibition game...But he seems to be doing better (aww shucks)

Vikings: The Vikings #1 WR, Sidney Rice, is going to be out for 1/2 the season because he decided to wait until now to get a hip surgery. The purpose of off season is to take care of those things toward the begining so that you can be in good health by the time season rolls around. Oh and get this, their # 2 WR Havin missed most of camp because of migranes. Hmm well the vikings were able to bribe Favre to play again but looks like he might not have the talent to throw to if the Vikings don't straighten their issues out... Oh well they still have Adrian Peterson (damn them for that)

Eli Manning:  This one is an example of just stupid playing decisions. Eli had to get 12 stiches after running into his own man in the backfield. So not only did he get injured during a preseason game but it was his own fault because he didn't follow the play right. Good thing it was only a small injury. He is the Giant's franchise player.

Dumb Rivers moment: I can bash him because he is on my team. Rivers (SD QB)
 is probably one of the hardest working player in the league but he is just as hard headed and stubborn and often gets in the news because of the lip he gives to everyone. Being the stubborn,  competitive player he is he decided to tackle a defensive player himself when the ball was intercepted. No Rivers that is not ok. It was great to see and a great play but NO, bad boy! You are our franchise player, you are a QB, and it is preseason. Geez. Im just glad he didnt get injured  (probably because the cowboy had no idea what Rivers was doing).

I leave you with 2 videos of the last two situations I discussed.

River's Awesome but Dangerous Tackle

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  1. i haven't really been keeping up with the vikings but i heart favre (yes, i know i'm one of the few). i hope he picks up his game. i really want him to show everyone b/c there are so many haters.