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Monday, August 30, 2010

I went just a little crazy with my camera... Weekend Recap!

Hello all! I am writing this entry for home which is odd for a Monday as I should be at work. I either got food poisioning or some wierd stomach flu... I am feeling sick so it is stay in bed all day for me.

So this weekend was fantastic and long. I cant believe summer is almost over. Can you?

So on Friday I had that read through at my friend's house and it ended up being a lot of fun. I have never done a read through and it was an interesting experience. There were about 10 of us over there but only 3 girls (one of which was my friend the writer of this movie so she wasnt reading any of the parts). I did the reading of every single woman part except for the main character. The screenplay was really good and I can't wait till its made into a feature film. During the reading I had some glasses of wine and got a bit tipsy. I ended up staying over there until 2:30 am. When I got home I got my suprise gift from Kevin, my camera :)

This is how excited I was for my camera :)

Saturday was pretty uneventful. It was a lazy day with Soup Plantation and then we stayed in and watched Capitalism: A Love Story. I thought it was a really good movie and it made me even angrier at some of the things that occur in this country and made me think of the what-ifs.

Sunday was the best day of course because we went to Universal Studios. I haven't been in at least 5 years (probably more) and kevin hadn't been in over a decade. It was a ton of fun!  When we first got there we wanted to go over to the Studio Tour but then I had the brillant idea to point out the House of Horrors line was only 5 minutes. Geez! Im an idiot. Why did I volunteer to walk through a scary maze? It wasnt too bad, I mean I got scared but not as bad as I thought..until the end when there was a chainsaw. You see I have an irrational fear of those... I said some choice words and practically ran out of the maze.

We then went on The Simpsons Ride which is now my favorite ride at that park. 1) The line is a lot of fun to stand in because of the Simpsons clips and the decoration is awesome. 2) The saftey video is perfect and 3) It is the best simulator ride Ive been on.
Kevin waiting in Line. HHAHA he is Krusty

We went on this ride twice because it was that great. After that we walked around the park for some great photo ops.
Don't I look super cute? ;)
This is one of my favorite streets at Universal.

Especially because I LOVE Notting Hill.

The people were making fun of me because I smiled but I think I look pretty darn cute. Im modeling with the shark, ok?

We then went on the Studio Tour which is always great especially when you get to skip the hour long line because you are Premium Annual Pass Holders. This tour never gets old. I just love to see where movies are made and it really amazes me every time to see the sets in real life. The new King Kong 3-D is super awesome! I got a ton of pictures of course but Ill only share my favorite with you. :)
I LOV Ferraris... I think I've mentioned that before. I also grew up Magnum P.I. so I was happy that Kevin got this picture for me

Yet another great picture taking by Kevin. The minature boat used in King Kong

Of course we had to take pictures of ALL the houses on Wisteria Lane.
This is my favorite picture from the tour because this is suppose to be Norman Bates. During the tour we see him carrying a woman's body to his car then he chases after us with a knife. LOL it was too funny

Another one of my favorite rides of the day was Mummy Returns. It is an indoor roller coaster and it goes pretty fast. You also go backwards... I was just sad that it was so short. They did a great job with that ride though. We went on all the rides and watched the animal show.

Overall it was a great day. Oh you want more pictures? Ok.

LOL Kevin is a ham

I had to get a picture with the tall dude

Then Kevin had to have his own picture too

I love this picture!!

Oh and this is one of my favorites!!

Ok well I hope you all had a fun and eventful weekend or a laid-back and relaxed weekend. :) I am sorry for the surplus of pictures but I got a new camera so its ok right?? Well Im going to attempt to eat something
. Look closely... Thats right Kevin is Wilma and I am Fred. Yes, this was on purpose and we got quite a laugh from the crowd...People even asked us if we realized we were backwards haha. Classic
Well I guess this photo is last. I didnt want it down here but it decided to come down here on its own and I cant fix it... Can someone teach me Blogger 101 when photos dont listen.

Aimee :)


  1. ya'll are soo cute! Love it! Love that you have a camera now so you can have ooober exciting blog!

  2. The Simpsons and Mummy ARE MY FAVORITE RIDES EVER!!!!!! And NO FAIR...we don't have a 3-D King Kong ride at our Universal Studios!

  3. Love the fun pictures!!!

    PS. I use flickr to post all of my photos on my blog. That way I can put the picture anywhere I want.... And it is free. :)

  4. Such cute photos! I think my fave is the Flintstones one! :)

  5. Super fun pictures! Looks like a great weekend!

  6. WOW...I'm super glad that someone had an exciting weekend! How cute are you...yes...seriously! The shark pic rocks!

    Hope you feel better doll!:)

  7. OMG! The shark picture is scaring me!!! lol! Glad that you had such a fun weekend! Read throughs are fun! Glad you enjoy!

  8. I love all of the pictures,so cute!! Glad you had a fun weekend! ♥

  9. Your pics are adorable, I love universal too!
    Oooh wisteria lane
    Thanks for your comment!
    And your pig tails are too cute

  10. yay pictures! hahaha! love them all. you look great ladycakes!