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Friday, August 20, 2010

Warning: Do not read if you have a weak stomach or if you are eating... Friday's Oddities

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week and that you have fun-filled or relaxing weekends planned. I am so excited its Friday.

This week has kinda been crappy what with Kevin getting over being sick, me having a constant sore throat until Wed., work being slow, and now having the worst cramps and headach. Im sorry for being a Debbie Downer on such a beautiful day. Lets look at the positives.... Its Friday! Its sunny! Im going to a bonfire tonight and seeing friends I havent seen in a couple of months...Yay!

Oh and a picture that makes me happy. Brittany from Unexpected Suprises made it for me...Isn't it pretty?

Read on for some gross stories. Sorry they aren't the usual funny, light hearted fair. Only read if you have a strong stomach. Are you eating something? Come back to this post later.

Period Painter 

Source: PeriodPiece.com

No I'm not featuing an artist that focuses on specific time periods. That would actually be normal and pretty interesting actually. No, instead I am featuring a Menstru-enaissance  painter (as Kevin called her).Lani Beloso  collects her own lady time substances and uses them as paint. Yep you read that right. She uses her blood as her paint.

Photo Source: Periodpiece.com
I read a little bit about her and she suffers from dysmenorrhea which is a condition where you have severe pain during your menstrual cycle and usually also results in a lot of blood loss. She decided to collect all her blood and turn her pain into art. I understand that she is trying to capture her pain and tell a life story of her struggle with this condition but collecting your blood and using it as paint grosses me out and I can only imagine the smell. Now I know I have a couple of artists following me and several art lovers. Am I wrong for thinking this is gross? Should I be more sensitive to the message behind the pieces?What are your views?

Dirty Water

This is a really sick and appaling news story. Mike Lallana (Fullerton, CA) put his semen into the water bottle of one of his female coworkers. He did this first in January and again in April. When the victim got sick for a second time from drinking water she went to get it tested. That is when they found semen in it. After a long series of tests of all of her male coworkers it was determined that Mike was the culprit. Currently Mike is only charged with a misdemenor but he is facing sexual charges as well. If convicted he could go to prison for 3 years and have to register as a sex offender. I think this is the right course of action. It really is sick how some people are.

Gross Attack

There are better ways to tell your neighbor that her cats are meowing too loud or to cut their lawn. Apparently this man in Seattle was never taught how to use words however and he threw a bucket of feces, urine, and vomit onto his female neighbor. I can't even imagine the smell or how I would have felt if that happened to me. I would have probably thrown up.

Weekend Preview

Friday: Tonight I am going to a bonfire for my old roomie's bday. A group of us may decide to go out after the bonfire.

It won't be as beautiful as this...Thats for sure.
Saturday: I'm not positive what I am doing yet. So many choices. One of my friends is having a suprise bday party back in my hometown but I don't think I can make the drive over there...Might go see a movie. Might just relax around the house
Sunday: Dog Beach, chores, errands, and whatever else I feel like doing
All Weekend I will try to catch some preseason games :)

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. holy shit. that is all disgusting. no - you're not wrong, period painting is a no-no. yuuuck. or maybe I'm just "wrong" with you.

  2. ohhhh my gosh, WOW. Yep, that painting is disgusting, the idea is disgusting, and that girl has other problems besides her medical condition! Just sayin'!

  3. I totally didn't even know that you had odd news on Fridays. I'm such a slacker blogger friend! I'm the one who shared the period piece with Stacy so if I come across any weird/gross/odd/disturbing stories, I'll let you both know! heh heh

  4. Well.. I love that you put my picture up :) ha ha ha!

    and you can buy me one of those period pictures for my birthday if you want..

    just an idea!

  5. That is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard of. Ever. Period.

    (I am punny)

    Have fun at your bonfire! Sounds fun!

  6. I feel the same as you - that is just disgusting. Just the thought makes me gag!

  7. No, you are not wrong for thinking that is gross. It is freaking disgusting!! How about telling her story through.... WORDS? Not really necessary to see what came out of her hoo hoo!

  8. OMG This is all so shnasty!!

  9. Did you have fun at the bonfire? Thank you for visiting my blog. I follow you now.