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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Im just going to attempt to free write because Im Pissed (HUGE VENT..Its ok if you skip this one)

Sidenote: Sorry about my momentary ridiculousness yesterday about the commenting. I didnt mean for it to come across the way it did... Complaining. So please just ignore that. I love you all and I know that I shouln't care about how many comments I get and I know you all read but just get super usy, hey i understand. So Sorry again. :)

Today has just been a ventacular week. So bear with me but I need to stop keeping things in and I guess this is a safe place to vent. The only way this entry will be related to sports is that I wish I played a sport because then I can hit things really hard and run people over and just pummel people to the ground. I really should get into a team sport, preferibly one that utilizes a lot of force.

Oh how I would kill to do this right now!!
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OK so I carpool with one of my coworkers to work because she happens to live really close to me. At the beginning all was cool and it was working out great. Kevin would drop me off at her house, we would take advantage of the carpool lane to and from work, and would usually just get along great. Some key points to add is I would get dropped off over there and she would NEVER be ready. She would be putting together her lunch still or running around trying to get the last of her things together. So we would usually leave 5-10 minutes after I got there. Well I am a pretty laidback person so I was just whatever about this.

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I make mistakes too people, I am human so there have been times that I have gotten there late and she woulkd be waiting in the car. There was also one time when I was sick that I completly slept through my alarm and I apologized to her profously for that because I actually never made it over to her house. Most of the time lately I have been getting there right when she is finally ready to leave and that has worked out much better because I wouldnt have to sit around awkwardly at her house watching her put together her lunch. Oh and for the last 2 weeks I have been having to get a ride home with Kevin because for various reasons she couldn't give me a ride home. Thats fine, I can deal. I mean sure that meant being stranded at work until 6:30 (kevin works 10-6) but I was dealing with it.

However, lately she has been being more and more rude to me and getting angry at me for being a couple of minutes late. Im sorry but how many times are you actually ready when I get there even if I am late? Its harder to get to her house on time because I have to drive there and yet often times even with that I am still there before she is ready...seriously? So needless to say I have been getting irritated more and more by her in the morning.

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Today was the straw that broke the camel's back and hopefully if I get my way I wll not be carpooling with her any longer... (I probably won't get my way though). She said she wanted to leave by 7:30 because she had a call at 8:30...Fair enough except that she couldn't be ready in time yesterday when I had a call at 8:30 (we left at 7:45...5 minutes after I got there I should add). So this morning I was running late (ok to be fair to her I have been running late most mornings but 90% of the time I am there before she is ready) and I even texted her to let her know and apologize. I was 5 minutes late and when I got into her car she gave me the silent treatment (can we say awkward and juvinielle) then when I apologized (for a second time) she started yelling at me. She said how frustrated she was and how she doesn't mind going by herself but when she says she wants to get there early it is frustrating that I was late etc. She also brought up that 1 time I woke up way late and just went to work myself which was almost a month ago (wow way to hold onto something). She just kept telling me how much she was annoyed by the fact that I am ALWAYS late (wait what??). She went on for a good 5 minutes. Wow...way to have a shitty morning.

I did defend myself saying that I understand how frustrating it is to not leave on time as I have dealt with that  on numerous occasions with her. I told her that I too had a call at 8:30 yesterday yet we left late but I didn't yell at her about it because I had already done everything for that call before I left the house because I had assumed that she would be running late. Oh and didn't she state very clearly to me a month ago not to schedule calls before 9 because it is just too difficult to get there on time?  Then she got mad because I was texting a lot this morning. Excuse me that I was super angry and didn't feel like exploding on her.

One more important fact...she is a horrible driver and I mean horrible. She never pays attention and I have to tell her when there are brake lights.We have almost got into a couple of accidents. She waits till the last minute to get over and cuts people off. Oh and we would have gotten to work by 8 am today if she hadn't missed the exit. Seriously? Wow! Instead we got her at 8:05... Wow all that yelling for nothing.

So if you made it through that, congratulations. Do you think that I am pissed off for no reason? Am I being ungrateful? How would you handle this situation?

P.S. I am so excited for my online drafts this weekend. Yay for fantasy football. Now I have to sit down tonight and do tons of research and prerank my players.


  1. Girllll, people are HYPOCRITES. Seriously. You need to kick her to the curb. Pun INTENDED!

  2. LOL. Wow. I completely understand your frustration!! Seriously. The girl is in denial. She is the one who is always running late and then she gives YOU crap?? Oh hell no...

    Hope it gets better for you!!

  3. that is so frustrating. I hate people like that -- what a hanus assclown for yelling at you for something she does herself especially after you apologized.

    in other news, so upset I'm going to be out of town this weekend and have to do autodraft for the draft... I'm nervous I'm going to get crappy picks, I tried to manage the list so we'll see!

    hope your day gets better!

  4. Sounds annoying to me! I wouldnt want to ride with her anymore either!

  5. haha this post hits home!! I carpool with a guy since we live really close and commute 30 minutes to work. I cant stand carpooling!! I am still tryign to decide if I want to continue. Yes it saves gas and miles on my car, but ugh!! Somtimes you just want to be alone! Somtimes its nice to not have to talk.