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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Oddities: Animal Edition... and a little more :)

Happy Friday! I am so happy this week is over. Its been one of the worst weeks in a long time and lately life has been good so I am happy to kick this week to the curb (take that!). So I got all dolled up for work today determined for it to be a great day and so far so good.

So I have noticed when browsing Yahoo! Odd news that it always has general themes to the stories. Like last week it was disgusting stories, this week it happens to be animals and more specifically animals being where they shouldn't be. Sadly there are some animal cruelty in some of these articles. I know none of my followers would ever do anything cruel to an animal but I just wanted to instill in everyone today the importance of not abusing animals. It makes me sad to read someof these stories and what some people do to defenseless animals.

Most Unusal Pet Insurance Claims

Source: VPI

I'm not making this up I swear! There is a contest for most unusual pet insurance claims. Wow, are we serious? The winner was Ellie, a labrador, ate a beehive that contained pesticides. She has recovered and even won a trophey in theshape of a ham and several dog treats and toys. This is a contest put on by VPI and a couple dozen dogs enter the contest. The runners up were a border collie that ran through a window just to get at a mailman and a terrier that thought a chainsaw was his food. All dogs recieved vet care and are fine. Weird awards.

Tigers in  a Bag

Source: Yahoo! News
There was a 3 month old tiger found in a bag in the Bangkok International airport. This poor baby tiger was drugged and being hidden next to a stuffed tiger. Nice try, the woman probably thought she was being smart by doing that but I guess she doesn't understand what an xray machine does.

The tiger cub would have died had it not been discovered during the baggage check. The probable reason for thissmuggling was that the cub could have been sold on the black market in Iran for the equivalent of $3,200. Wow. This is so sad. I am happy that they identified this cub before the flight and the wildlife conservation it went to has been able to nurse it back to health

She Threw the Cat Away

Mary Bale was outside and she saw a cat and decided to reach down and pet it, seems normal enough. Well the secuirty cameras caught her picking up the cat and throwing it into one of those "wheelie bins" and walked away. These security cameras were installed after Darryl Mann's cat went missing and needless to say he was PO when he reviewed the tape. Luckily Lola, the cat, is fine.

Now Mary's house is being protected by police guard since animal activist are protesting and are justifiably angry with her. She has gotten death threats though which I believe go above and beyond what she did but they're a lot of crazy and cruel people out there in the world (including her)

Snakes in Electricity Boxes
A snake decided to electrocute itself by slithering into an electricil box at Vassar Brothers Hospital in NY. The snake wasn't the only one affected by this, it caused a 10 hour power outage at the hospital. This is actually a common occurance for animals to electrocute themselves but a utility spokesman said this was the first instance where a snake has done it.Are animals just suicidal?

It Must Have Been One Hell of a Hangover

X-Ray showing the bullet
Source: Yahoo! News
How drunk must you be to not realize you got shot in the head? I have had my fair share of extra "fun"nights but never where I wouldn't have known I got shot.So this Polish guy went to the doctors to get a cyst removed but instead they found a bullet in his head and they were able to determine its been there for 5 years. 5 years!!He slightly remembered a blow to the head ata New Year's party in 2005 but thought nothing of it because he was so drunk... Can I have some of what he is drinking? CRAZY.

Weekend Preview

Friday: I am going over to one of my girlfriend's houses to do a read through of her movie... Hopefully one day it will be in theaters and I can say I participated in the read through and some of the research. We are probably going to play some games and drink afterwards

Saturday: The morning will consist of TONS of research and ranking in preparation for my Fantasy Football Draft at noon! Also LOTS of laundry.
That night hopefully I will have a girls night and go bar hopping or something fun

Source: Wildrivers.com
Sunday: Going to a water park baby!! Finally! Especially since I have been wanting to go all summer. Im hoping for warm weather but not too hot

What are your plans for the weekend?

P.S Sorry about some of the dumb pciture placements. Me and blogger are having a love-hate relationship. Its more hate centric right now though


  1. That baby tiger is adorable. I'm so glad they found him!

    That's crazy about the bullet in that guy's head!! How could he not know?

    Happy Friday! :)

  2. Hey! On my fant football page it says the draft starts at 3, not noon!

  3. Wow those are crazy...poor tiger : (

    I found your blog on Spotlight Saturday blog hop. Have a great day!