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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Congrats your 3rd string is the best in the NFL... [Sports from a Girl's POV]

First off, before I begin I would like to thank Jen from A Girl in Pearls... for featuring me today as a Pearly Blogger!! Also welcome to all of you that have dropped by from there.

Thursdays around here are Sports from a Girl's Point of View. Sometimes I will feature uniforms (that comes next week folks), rant about things that annoy me in the sporting world (today), or give you a rundown in what is happening in sports... So enjoy!

Today I would like to talk about Preseason football. More so about what people don't understand about it.

Dear Crazy Fan,

I love preseason football as much as the next person (ok so maybe I have been slacking on watching it lately but cut me some slack...im forgetful). I love that it means the return of football and that I can finally watch a game that is not a rerun. When preseason comes on that means I can start counting down the days until kickoff  (exactly 1 month from today!!) and so I can start talking with people about how I think the season is going to go (sadly, I don't think the Chargers will make it to the Superbowl this year).

You, crazy fan, see it as a time to start talking shit on how well your team is doing in the preseason. CONGRATS!! Your 3rd string is one of the best 3rd strings in the entire NFL. That is quite an accomplishment. You know how that will benefit you? If all of yours and your opponent's starters got injured at the same exact time then you might have the chance of winning in regular season.  Seriously, get over your team winning in the preseason...it doesn't mean anything.

Some fans should attend a Smack Talk Class. Talk Relevant Smack
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Preseason was created so that 3rd stringers can get a feel of playing in an actual game and then the starters will play for maybe 10 minutes so that they can officially warm up. Just because the Raiders beat the Cowboys doesn't mean that Raider fans should start boasting how this is their year to win the Superbowl. (Sorry Im not trying to pick on Raider fans its just some of my friends who happen to be Raider fans are the reason I went on this rant... more power to you if you actually understand what preseason is.) Also do you really think that the 49ers are going to be able to beat the Colts in regular season? No Siree!

Crazy fan, I'm not telling you not to get excited when your team wins. Its an awesome feeling when your team wins. Feel free to even boast about it if you would like. Please just refrain from saying that your team is so fantastic based off of what happens in preseason. It means nothing. Wait for regular season before you start making predictions about having the best team in the NFL (we all know thats reserved for the Chargers anyway ;) ).

An Almost as Crazy Fan as You.

All opinions in this letter are 100% my own and I understand if you want to talk some smack against my team as well. I can take it. If you are just going to tell me how the Chargers have never won a Superbowl I can save you the trouble because trust me as a fan I am well aware. :) Yay for Smack Talk  Football Season.

Happy Day Before Friday!


  1. Grats on being featured! I'm a Pearly Blogger too!

  2. How pearly:) I need to get more involved in football...that's all anyone talks about! heeeee heeeee:)

  3. You and the boy got featured on the same day! Howwww crazy! :))

    As for football... we can all just pack up and go home. The vikings are going to take it this year, and we all pretty much know it.

    We can save ourselves a lot of time and energy if we just settle it now! :))

    p.s. ranking my players! So I can beat you at fantasy football too! :))

    P.s.s how was that? I was taking my turn at "smack talking"! Did I do pretty good?

  4. It's true, pre-season means shit. It's like your baseball team finishing Spring Training with a perfect record and assuming their a World Series contender based off of that. Idiot fans.

  5. I totally agree with this! I love watching pre season just because I love watching football ... that being said, I cant wait for for football season to start!!!!!

    On a side note, what about Eli Manning? Did anyone see that helmet fly off?? Way to get hurt in the pre season bud!

  6. Haha couldn't be more true! I am guilty of getting frustrated when passes are dropped, or blocks aren't made, but you're right, its try outs for the back up guys! Great post

  7. WOW you make me feel soooooo lost when it comes to football. Dropping by to say hello :)

  8. you tell 'em aimee!!!

    i'm all for my team winning all day every day (because really they never win) but even i know preseason means nothing.

    bring it when the real season starts and then talk shit. haha.

  9. Currently, the patriots are beating the Falcons (wow what an accomplishment) yet my husband still curses each time a pass is dropped - I keep telling him this crap doesn't matter yet (although I do get a little thrill each time Brady passes to Moss!)

    It's almost here. We don't have much time left to wait! I have no energy to talk smack, ever. College ball takes it all out of me - I defend my Marshall Thundering Herd to no end, which is hard b/c they're not the greatest and I'm totally stuck in the team's past (yeah.. well... they had pennington and moss!) so when it comes to NFL, i'm ready to throw in the trash talking towel!

    The chargers typically give the Pats a hell of a time - it's going to be an interesting season. And don't even get me started on what might happen to me emotionally if there's a strike next year!