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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Because I can... What up Wednesday

One of my favorite bloggers,Vic @ Freckles and Fudge,  has a link up party/blog meme called What up Wednesday and all day I was having an inner struggle with myself on whether to participate or not. What with my 30 day journal and my themed days sometimes I have too much going on...But you know what it is my blog and its suppose to reflect on me right? Well my life always has a lot going on so why not my blog too?

Yah no reasoning for the picture, I just liked it a lot.

Also I actually have random stuff/important deep things I want to write about. Its not often I go too deep here so I will take the opportunity each week to rant/vent during my What up Wednesdays... Intrigued? Go link up too.

I have two things I want to say and then I am going to share a letter I wrote to myself when I was 18 (Aug 2005) for myself when I graduated (May 2009).

  • My facebook status today addresses a big problem I have with Americans lately. Everyone is selfish and when they vote they usually vote selfishly. They think about how the policy will affect them but not how it will affect others or how much it will cost or the social injutice it will cause. I don't care if you are conservative or liberal. Republican democratic, independent, or belong to the Lollipop party. Just research the political and social issues if you are going to argue about them or vote for them. Know both sides, know the facts, and be able to support whatever stance you decide to take on it in an intelligent way.

  • So hopefully I don't look like this tomorrow EARLY morning but I am super excited to be going to work at a new time tomorrow. We are testing out new hours for a couple days a week. I will be working from 6-3. I may not like waking up that early but it will be nice to be home in the afternoon.
The Letter
Ok I thought this was important to put the letter on here. A little background on it. My freshman writing seminar profesor had everyone (all 20 of us lol) in the class write a letter to ourselves for 3.5 years in the future. He would then deliver it to us 1 month before we graduated college. (The beauty of going to a tiny private college).

It was really interesting reading what "little" Aimee wrote. I was a totally different person at that time. I mean I was conservative, naive, and unexperienced. I still thought the world was pretty much rainbows and sunshine. Fast forward to my senior year I had become liberal and had worked full time while going to school and understood money issues firsthand. It was good advice that Freshman Aimee gave and I need to remember to follow it

Dear Aimee: You are a wise girl, you just have to keep applying yourself in everything you do and to have faith in yourself always. Great job on graduating. Now go ahead and kick A-S-S in grad school and remember to work hard in both school and your job. You are on your final step before your career so enjoy it and try your best to make life all it can be. Don't forgot about those who got you there. :)

**Please note I didn't change anything. Wasnt Freshman Aimee such a great writer (yep that is sarcasm). Well I feel I have grown a lot since then.


  1. I think you should be selfish when in comes to voting on the basis of policy. Here in Pakistan, votes are gathered primarily on the basis of traditional affinities and relationship. It becomes a loyal, but sheep like following. it's one of the reasons we suck as a democracy.

    It's a cute pick me up letter.

  2. awww.that was the best letter....totally a great writer...no sarcasm there. :) i feel like that monster today...can't get the hell up and finish what i've started....these blogs i've been reading are just too damn good!:) have a lovely day pretty

    oh and yes people are dumb and don't think about anything...i hate politics!

  3. HI! I'm your newest follower from the blog hop! Lovely blog:) You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com