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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Finishing it up

Hiya folks!! Well I don't feel much like blogging today. I am a bit stressed out lately. Lets just say I got some unexpected news yesterday and hopefully today after work I will fix the little mixup. No I am not going to share what happened...but please keep thinking happy thoughts. I am hoping I can clarify everything today.

Put that stress on top of trying to find a new job, working at a job you hate while trying not to care but working your ass off because that is just your work ethic, and the typical everyday stresses makes me really not care to do my blog entry today about sports...Especially since sports sucked for me the past week (except for the LA kings starting off their season strong). Oh well here is hoping that the Chargers pull their head out of their Ass and actually play. We do have McNeil back on our lineup and a few changes in special teams (I really want a brand new special teams unit). Ok thats all the sports you get from me sorry :(

This picture makes me happy so that is why it randomly gets put in here :)

So I want to finish my 30 day journal challenge today so I can possibly start a 30 days of truth tomorrow. Who knows around here though? I change my mind more often than I change my panties I think.

Day 29: What have you learned this past month?

I learned that I love to blog and that writing really releases a lot of built up anger, stress, and other bad emotions. I like to express myself.
I learned that I want to be a social activist. I don't think I learned that through the blog but I did learn that this month.

I also learned that I have blog withdrawals not only when I don't blog but when I dont get to read your blogs. 

Day 30: Who are you

I am Aimee. I care about others. I am empathetic. I am stubborn. I am a little bit of a brat. I worry and stress too often. I yell and cuss a lot. I enjoy food and the finer things in life (whatever the hell that means). I like to have fun. I care about my friends, family, and other loved ones a lot and would do anything for them. I love my pets even though they get on my nerves. I care about bsuiness ethics, about the people especially those without a voice, and I get angry at self-absorbed and selfish people. I know I want to be rich so that I can help out those less fortunate then I. I know that if I don't happen to get rch I will still help out in anyway feesible. I am Aimee and I am strong and I am happy with who I am!

Oh and I am a cutie too!! LOL JK                                                                                                                         

The END!!!


  1. That kitty picture is hilarious. And you are just the cutest ever!

    I'll be sending happy thoughts your way. Hope everything works out!

  2. You are so cute! Hope things are ok...thinking about you today and sending you happy thoughts!

  3. Hope you can fix the mix up and good luck on the job search :)
    The picture of the kitten is both hysterical and cute! Take care and Happy thoughts sent your way.

  4. awww my twelve year old cutie pie :) We seriously need to be IRL friens because we both look young! We can drive down the road and get hollered at by some junior highers! :))

    Seriously I love your face!

    Lets hope the vikes can win the next one! They are totaly making us minnesotans sad!

  5. I loved reading your 30 day journal and learning more about you! I will def be sending happy thoughts and good vibes your way! Hope you get everything figured out with work! <3

  6. the kitty picture is legendary.

    You are Aimee, you are awesome. Much more succinct I think.