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Thursday, October 21, 2010

This is the Part where I Throw my Hands up in the Air and Scream "I don't Care"

So one of the fall backs to being a sports fan is the stress. It is stressful to watch your team lose, the playoffs are stressful, and it is stressful to watch close games. However, shouldn't that stress end as soon as your team is not playing anymore? Well it doesn't.

Case in point, I am stressing over the Giants being in the playoffs and somehow kicking the Phillies Ass. I hate the Giants with a passion  (I am allowed to ok, they are the Dodgers rival) and would love for their trophy  case to stay like the one shown below but gosh darn it they keep wining. I am stressed that if they do win the World Series that my boyfriend will go on a killing spree (ok I kid I kid, I hope). But I really want to go to SF in March for our 3 year anniversary but Kev said that if the Giants win the World Series he is not going, so please Giants...I beg you to not win because I really want to go on that trip.

Anyway in other sports news...All my teams suck, The End!


NLCS: Giants lead the Phillies 3-1 in the series... I am hoping for a Phillies rally and for them to win but realistically speaking it is looking like the Giants will be going to the World Series (boo and hiss)
ALCS: Texas Rangers lead the Yankees 3-2. Wow this is going different than I expected but I think the Yankees will be the ones heading to the World Series. However, I am all for the Rangers going because I don't like the Yankees and they won last year.
World Series: Come on now, we all knew from the beginning of the season that the AL would win in the World Series regardless of who goes. The AL is just a better division and whether it be the Yankees or the Rangers playing either the Phillies or the Giants, the AL is going to win. I think the World Series will be very exciting this year and will most likely go to 7 games.


I don't know what the hell is going on in the NFL. It is the battle of who could be the suckiest team this year. There are no teams yet that really stick out as amazing (ok maybe the Jets and the Ravens)... Most teams are underperforming (cough Chargers, Vikings, Cowboys cough) and I am just not impressed with any team yet.

The biggest story in the NFL right now is actually the injuries and big hits. There have been several concussions this year already. The commissioner is tightening the belt and is enforcing new rules and fines to hopefully protect the players. Last week 5 of my fantasy football players got injured so of course I lost. So yes, can we please figure out how to stop these injuries? Its messing up my record (oh and it is not good for the players either).

Yah I don't really feel much like talking about football because my Chargers are 2-3 and not only did they lose to the Raiders 2 weeks ago but even worse they lost to the Rams last week. I am going to laugh if they beat the Patriots this weekend. 


My love of hockey started 2 years ago when Kevin explained it to me. How can I not like a sport that encourages fighting and where the pace of the game is non stop. Fighting in hockey is a key component, there are players that are the designated fighters, there are techniques that the players know (i.e. how to pull the jersey over the head), and fights are started to rally the team and show other teams that they are not a team to be messed with. Here is one of the greatest and most intense fights of all time.

I am happy with hockey right now because my team, the LA Kings are doing fantastic and they are ranked as #3 in the entire league. I encourage you all to learn about the basic rules of hockey and watch it. I think you will like it!

Sorry my sports entry kinda sucked today. I guess this is why I should write it the night before. I am kinda lazy about sports during the day. 

30 Days of Truth
Day 7: Someone Who has Made your Life Worth Living
I have a couple of people that have done this. I am lucky that I have some amazing people in my life.

1) The Palmer Society

This group of girls got me through college. They are the girls I know I can count on. They helped me get involved throughout college and is probably one of the main reasons I didnt drop out and move back home. I love all of these girls

2) Kevin

I love him. He is a great boyfriend. He has helped me open up my eyes and discover who I truely am. I can go on and on about why he is fantastic but I won't :)


  1. I never understood hockey. It just seems like aggression on ice. I am not much of a sports gal... but I'm getting better!

  2. Haha. I'm not a huge sportsfan but the fact that you wish the Giants to lose is hilarious. I'll be rooting against them for you then!

  3. You and Kevin are the absolute cutest! SERIOUSLY!


  4. OMG to Kevin's comment! What a nerd. :)

    I hope you get to go on your trip!

  5. You are totally going to SanFran because the Yankees are winning the World Series! So don't worry about it lady and pack your bags!