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Monday, October 18, 2010

We had the time of our lives...and we owe it all to...college.

I had a fantastic and epic and exhausting weekend. I am finding it hard to concentrate this rainy Monday morning. Mondays should just be outlawed. Well are you ready for a long weekend recap? I am going to also include pictures from the 90s party I went to last weekend since I failed to get those uploaded until just yesterday..

**Warning...Picture overload!!**

90s Party:
My outfit: Jean mini skirt, pink cropped top, jean jacket, and White Keds. I even tried to do the 90s flippy hair  
Similarities? Hey i tried ok ;)

So they 90s themed birthday party for Chris (from Welcome to my Humble ablog) was last weekend and I had a good time except for my clothes being uncomfortable. I am glad I don't remember 90s fashion that well because I was not feeling it. I decided to go early 90s and we all decided I looked like I stepped out of 90210. Kevin went late 90s and it was easy for him because he just wore what he use to wear to high school (pooka shell necklace and all).  The party was hosted at Chris and D-lo's house. There was a lovely spread of food and the 90s music was pumping all night long. I was super excited to finally get to meet Rosemary from Ro Ro Ro Your Blog (who did a way better summary than this lol) She was super sweet and fun to talk to...I just wished I could have stayed longer but I was SOOO exhausted by the time we left

This Weekend's Homecoming Festivities

So I went to a small private college. Homecoming is a big annual thing for all the alumni to come back and celebrate our awesomeness together. I feel it is actually a bigger thing for alumni than for the students. I had a blast at this year's homecoming. I am 2 years out now so I actually feel like a real alumni.

Friday Night: Dinner, Drinks, Casino Night, and other Debauchery

So the people in charge of taking pictures this night have not uploaded them yet so I don't  have any pictures of this night yet. I will share some with you as soon as I get them :).

This night was really fun, right after work I met up with a few of my "sisters" and other friends. We had dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant/lounge. Then my "big" (Jenny), Kelsey, and I met up with some other alumni at another bar and hung out there for a bit. Then we went to casino night where I had a ton of fun because I got to play blackjack. I havent played in so long so that was awesome. I was basically playing two hands (my own and then my big's because she didn't know how to play). After about 1.5 hours I left to go find more people to hang out with

After I left casino night I met back up with my big, Kelsey, Jes, Sabrina (my little), Kevin, and scott. We went up to the undergrad dorms and hung out with a couple of my sisters. WE chilled there for about an hour or so but then I wanted to go home because it was 12:30 am and I had to be up the next morning by 8:30. It was such a great night!

Saturday: Time with my sisters and Party all Day!
This is the board that everyone that attended the brunch signed. I wish you could see the borders because it had pearls and lace and fake diamonds. It was gorgeous 
This is 1/4 of the circle that we made to sing songs. You can see the lovely tables and center pieces. Im the one in the black skirt and blue top with short hair

The reason I had to be up so early was I had to be back at the college for homecoming brunch with my society by 9:30 (I ended up getting there at 9:45). The brunch was a lot of fun, I was very proud of the actives because it was very well ran and the decorations were perfect. There were over 50 alumni that came to this years brunch and they ranged from class of 55 all the way to the most recent graduates. I got to speak with a bunch of girls I hardly see and I spoke with some sisters I've never met. I also won 2 things in the raffle (I win at every Palmer event that has a raffle). 
Here I am with my awesome raffle prize!!

This year I won a big Absolute vodka package (1 big bottle and 8 mini flavored bottles) and 2 martini glasses. I also won a silver bucket with blue rose pens (our colors are silver and blue). 
Me and a bunch of my sisters at the society mixer.
I love this girl,Stephanie. I was her pledge mistress when she pledged and now she is my "daughter" We were excited about being pearl twins

After the brunch a couple of us went over to Ellie's (one of my sisters) apartment to pre-party before the all society mixer and then we attended the mixer. The mixer was a lot of fun too.  I had a wine margarita while I was there and it was super tasty...Have any of you heard of that before? After the mixer I went to the first half of the football game but I had to go home to clean up and get my hair done before the party that evening.
See why I want extensions now?
Had a little photo shoot before we left

My hair stylist came over and put my hair extensions in. OMG I loved them so much and now I am growing my hair out... Or I might just go get extensions done permanently because I may be too impatient to wait (what do you guys think?). I also made jello shots for the party at the Raddison. Kevin and I got there at about 8:30 and I went upstairs to party with a couple of my sisters for about 30 minutes. Raddi was a lot of fun. I got to see a BUNCH of my old friends and had a lot of fun just talking with everyone. We did do a little dancing this year (not as much as past years though). I had soo much fun though and we ended up leaving about 1:30 am. I'll let the pictures do the talking
This is a group of Palmer alumni (graduation years 2000-2010)
Me and my little. Super excited about being pearl twins lol
Me and Jes

Me and Emily (it was great to see her because she lives in Oregon)

Sipping on our drinks

I love my big :)

Princey!! This is one of my favorite alumni :)

Elle and myself glamming it up

I love this girl (Maria) so much!! She is still in college :)

Awww aren't we cute.

Family picture. Stephanie calls us her parents. Yep we adopted an asian ;)

Sunday: The day of Rest
This is basically what I did all day. Sleep and more sleep

Yah I watched the horrible game that was the Chargers vs. the Rams. UGH! I don't even want to talk about how pissed off I am at the Chargers. For the rest of the day I slept and read and slept and read. I did get up in time to watch Dexter (woohoo) and then I slept some more. 

I had such a great weekend. I wish I was better at recapping my events lol. How was your weekend?

Sorry one more picture but look at how adorable my dog is in his little lobster costume.
Cutest and happiest little lobster


  1. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! Love your hair extensions! Cute!

  2. I love the extensions! Looks great.

    Looks like you had a fun filled weekend. Let's not talk about the Chargers, mmmkay? Ugh.

    And awwww, look at the cutest little puppy ever!

  3. You ladies are all gorgeous! Look at that lobster, he's adorable. Haha!

  4. I love all of the photos! Your hair is super cute both ways... what to do? You looked absolutely gorgeous for the party - cute for the mixer, and totally glam for the party :) Good luck making that decision!

    And your dog... in the lobster costume.. HAHA! Adorable! I want a dog! All my flipping fat cat does is fat around! He won't even get up to chase the laser light i bought for him this weekend. He just watches it. I want a dog, now!

  5. What a fun group! You're so lucky :)
    Also, Pica and Biscuit are a bit concerned. I've never wanted to dress them up in wacky costumes more than right now!

  6. love the extensions AND the little lobster! so cute!