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Thursday, October 7, 2010

World Series, Randy Moss Trade, Onion Sports, and NFL Predictions.

Hiya folks! Happy Thursday! I hope you are all having a fantastic week and are as excited as I am that tomorrow is Friday... I got to work at 6 am this morning but guess what?  I get to leave at 3 so all is good.

Well today is Thursday and that over here means Sports from a Girl's Point of View. This past week has been quite a doozy in the way of sports. A lot has occured what with the baeseball lplayoffs starting, a huge trade in the NFL, the NFL in general, and other sports almost being back in season (Basketball and Hockey). Oh my goodness I am going to have so much to talk about for the next couple of months!! So bear with me as this will be a long entry.

I urge you to read this hilarious article that Kevin (shameless plug of his awesome blog) showed me. It isfrom the Onion and it is about everything you need to know about the NFL teams. Its a great read


So I will admit that I have been a bad baseball fan this year and barely followed it. Hey before you judge its because I am a Dodger fan. Yes please leave your condolences below. Seriously boys you suck!!! We need new owners. Ones that will actually spend money. It sucks to say but you can't have a great baseball team on a small budget. Ok but enough about my sucky team...lets talk about the playoffs. I really want the Twins or the Rays to win it all. As long as the Giants don't make it al the way and the Phillies don't win then I am happy. It would also be nice if the Yankees lost to. Come on Twins pull an upset!

American League- Division Series
  • Texas Ranges vs. Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays are leadng that series 1-0 and will most likely win in 5 games,
  • New York Yankees vs. Minnesotta Twins. The Yankees are leading 1-0 and are favored to win. I will predict it probably go in 5 games but I would love for the Twins to pull the upset.
National League-Division Series
  • Philadelphia Phillies vs. Cincinnatti Reds. Phillies lead the series 1-0 and I predict they shut the Reds out (in 4 games). UGH I hate the Phillies. Oh but Halladay did pitch a no-hitter last night so congrats to him as its only the 2nd no hitter in playoffs.
  • Atlanta Braves vs. San Fransisco Giants. Ugh I hate the Giants. Oh I have already voiced it? Okay well then The Giants will win this series in 5.

Randy Moss Make up Your Mind!

Stephanie @ A Day in the Life... wrote a great post about this from a loyal Randy Moss. Check it out because she has a way better prespective on this news. (here)

Well, well, well look who is back in the Purple and the Gold. The big news this week is that New England traded Moss to the Vikings. Lets just say that the NFC (espcially the NFC East) need to watch out because the Vikings have all the tools to success.  As long as the Vikings don't screw it up they are well on their way to destroy the NFC and go to the Superbowl...only to be defeated by the Ravens.

Some Predictions and Game to Watch

I will keep this brief :)
  • Kansas City will get its first (of many) loss this week when they actually play a team that is not a piece of cake, the Colts.
  • SD will beat the Oakland Raiders and it will be a loud game where many fights will break out (but in the stands)
  • Two of the worst NFL teams play eachother (St. Louis Rams vs. Detroit Lions) so be prepared for a boring game where the Rams win.
Game to Watch

Minnesotta Vikings vs. NY Jets.
Oh man, this is going to be a great great game. These are two of the best teams in the NFL (as much as it pains me to say it). Be prepared to see Moss and Favre test out the waters. It will be a game with a lot of defense and it will be a game that is won by a field goal. I predict the Vikings win 20-17.

Fantasy Update: I kick ass! LOL no but I am 3-1 in all 3 leagues I am in and I hope that I win 1 of the leagues I am in. How are you all doing? 


  1. The patriots are my team and I'm so ashamed of them right now! I can't believe this is happening...like seriously, it's devastating!

  2. GO VIKINGS!! I like those final numbers you predicted! ;-) Are you from MN too?? Can't wait to watch the big game on Monday. So wish I had tix!!

    Oh and sweetie, have you stopped by and put your city info in at LOCATION CENTRAL yet? It's where you're able to see who else blogs in your area.