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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Heart Racing, Frustrated, and Yelling at the Tv... Just a Typical Sunday

... Well a typical Sunday when the Chargers are on the road. For some reason they seem to choke while they are on the road. We have one of the easiest schedules in the NFL yet we can't seem to do anything with it. Right now for example we are down 12-0 at the beginning of the 2nd quarter and we have had 2 blocked punts and 2 turnovers in the Red Zone. So needless to say I am pissed.  Oh well... At least hockey and basketball season is starting up again.

                                                      I think this girl looks how I feel lol

Anyway, to take my mind off the game (even though we just scored a TD). I will do some more of my 30 day journal. I hope your weekends are going great. I have had a decent weekend but it just goes by too quick.

Day 24: Letter to Your Parents
This letter is only a small portion of what I feel. I love my parents but I needed to get this off my chest as I know I will probably never tell them this. It may be a bit harsh but it is how I feel.

Dear Mom and Dad:

I wish that I was able to see what "love" looked like growing up.  I know you loved me and often times you would show us kids love. That is not the type of love I am talking about. I am talking about love between a husband and a wife, between two people in a relationship. Neither of you exhibited it to each other. Mom, you would repeatedly tell us how much you hated dad and that you were only with him because of us kids. You told us that you never loved dad. Then you two divorced when I was 12 and then got back together when I was 15 because you felt we needed a "father figure" in our lives. Yet being back together it was nothing but fights and screaming at each other all the time. I thought that was the way it was suppose to be. That it was normal for parents to fight in front of their kids. But when I was I found out that most parents would not do this. That my friends never saw their mom throw a plate at their dad's head. I wish I never saw the fights. I wish you guys would have tried to show your love or at least wait until we were asleep until you fought. I have a hard time believing in love and a happy marriage. I hope that if I have kids that I show them how much I love my husband and when we do fight that I make sure they aren't in the same room and they don't have to hear it. I also will not put down my husband (their dad) and I hope whoever I marry wont put me down in front of the kids. Kids see their parents as a role model and it was confusing when bad things were said about my parent by the other parent because I thought I was suppose to feel that way too. I was only a little girl....Love, Aimee

Day 25: What I would find in Your Bag

 Picture taken for another entry I did but not much has changed.

In my bag you will find a lot because I have a big purse and I throw everything in there. It will include:
  • Makeup bag
  • Clutch or wallet
  • Universal Studios Annual Pass
  • Pens 
  • Lots of random receipts
  • Directions to somewhere.
  • Camera
  • Phone (if its not in my hand or pocket)

Well I am gong to go back to cheering on my team even though I am angry at them. They are ahead now. Maybe blogging is good luck ;)


  1. Rough stuff about your parents. Though it does say something that they loved you so much that they were willing to make each other miserable.

    It's the execution which they messed up in.

  2. whoa...your parent letter is some serious ish. sorry babe...

    and sorry about your loss. but you know it happens. believe me! but you gotta suck it up and take the shit when talked back to you. i know you don't like to hear it more than you like to dish it but hey...isn't that the fun of the game? that's what you say anyway ;)

    hope you had a good weekend...aside from the loss.