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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 22. We are getting a Bit Deep I see...Aimee is Special

Day 22: What makes you Different from Everyone Else

My entire life I use to say I was special and weird and different. While most kids cringed away from those words I loved them. I took being called weird as a compliment. I was often saying "why would I want to be just like everyone else? I want to be unique! Being weird is good!!"

However, I never really thought about what made me so weird and special. I now see it is because I am actually crazy ;) I actually don't think I am much different then other people. I don't believe that there is one quality that makes you unique because there is always someone out there in the world with that quality. I do think though that it is a mxture of all your special qualities...like a recipe.

Special Aimee Recipe

  • Caring and Empathetic feelings
  • Obsession with Sports
  • Goofy Laugh
  • Ability to put others first
  • Bright Colors
  • Chilldish behaviors
Throw all the ingredients into a big pink bowl. Mix them together with an electronic mixer. (must do at top speed). Sprinkle with chocolate powder with an intense loyality. Makes 50  servings (because I am always trying to please so many people...not that way dirty minded people).

Best if served with cholcate cake of course.

I don't really know if I answered the question but that is because I don't really know what makes me so "special" and "different". If I were to chose one thing I would say my intense loyalty to the Chargers.

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  1. Love the recipe! What a perfect one to describe yourself! My bowl would be pink, too, but it would totally be mixed on low speed because I'm kinda lazy.