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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Really You're Going to Make me Think?

Hiya folks!! How are you all doing.I am doing okay... Its been a  crappy day complete with work annoyances, stomach aches, and confusion Tuesday.

However, I am super excited for today because it is a big sports day. No I am not talking about the 1st game of the World Series (go Rangers! Boo Giants!) even though I will be watching/following that of course. I am talking about opening day of Basketball!! And as a Laker fan I have gotten semi-used to seeing the ring ceremony performed so I am excited to once again see my boys get their rings!! Seriously I can't contain my excitement because all the (important) sports are in season. Oh and the LA Kings won last night in a shoot out. I am super proud of them so far (keep it up boys). They are #2 in the NHL with a 6-2 record. (OMG how amazing would it be if the Kings won the Stanley Cup and the Lakers won the NBA Finals?!?!...one can dream, right?)

UGH speaking of all these sports reminds me that I haven't gone to a live game in a while. Hello! I really hope I make it out to a bunch of Kings games and I may have a hookup now for Lakers tickets so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get to watch these in person and not on the TV or listening on the radio.

Sorry for all the sport's talk (how many of you did I lose?) Okay well onto my normal entry for today :)

Day 12: Something You Never Get Complimented On
Do any of you really keep track of things you don't get complimented on? I don't. I mean I'm sure I never get complimented on my earlobes, left knee, the way I sneeze,or my pinky toenail. Did I miss the memo that we are suppose to get complimented on things all the time? I guess if I was to have to pick I would say it would be a tie between my voice and my cleaning ability.

1) My voice sounds very nasaly and quite annoying. Multiple that annoyance level by 25 if I have any sugar or alcohol in me. I sound like a mix between Fran Drescher and a crow. Yah not the sexiest voice. My voice is sexy if I have had too much to drink or if I stayed up way too late. 

2) I have no cleaning ability nor an motivation to clean ever. Kevin will gladly confirm this so that is why I would never be complimented on this :)

Are you watching any of the sporting events tonight? Who are you rooting for in the World Series? (If you say Giants go ahead and click unfollow lol, I kid I kid)

I hope you have a great day!!


  1. I knew I liked you for a reason! GOOOO LAKERS!!!

    I hate the sound of my voice! I've heard myself on our answering machine a few times and I'm like, is that really what I sound like? Barf.

  2. :) you are too cute!

    Do a video I want to see you and hear you! :))) I bet its cute!

  3. oh the sports...funny! i don't come across that too often in the blogsphere.

    the compliment question...gooood question. where did this question come from?

  4. Fran is awesome, I love her! I would probably love your voice! Hahaha