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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Im being super forgetful so there will still be no Weekend Recap

Hiya folks. Well I really wanted to do a recap of my weekend (especially my 90s themed party) but I once again forgot the cord to my camera so I cant upload the few pictures I took. Therefore I will hold off on my weekend recap for one more day.

I am glad a lot of you liked my post yesterday. It really warmed my heart that there are so many people out there that care about this issue as well. So thank you for all of your support and kind words.

Anyway... I guess i should attempt to get caught up on my 30 day journal. I want to finish it by Friday. Are any of you guys weird about certain dates or starting/finishing things by certain dates not because there is a deadline but because you feel its a good date. For example, when I want to start a new habbit or going to the gym (hahah ya right)  I always tell myself I have to do it on the 1st or the 15th. I feel that I can't start other than those 2 days of the month. I also feel like I have to 100% catch up on a show before watching the next episode. Everyone keeps wanting me to watch Glee but I haven't finished season 1 so I refuse to watch anything out of order. Am I weird? Please tell me you all have these "rules" as well.

Day 26: How do you Feel about your Friends

Don't we all wish for friends like these?

Wow... This is actually a tough question for me. I mean I like my friends a lot. They are all really nice, caring, and fun individuals. However, after college I went through some rough times when it came to friendships. I think everyone goes through it when there is a big lifestyle change. I mean when I was in school I lived in dorms all 4 years so it was always easy to find peopel e to hang out with, I didn't have to try really. When I graduated and moved away from school (yet not back to my hometown where I went to hs) I found that I didnt have very many real friends. I was lonely and decided I needed to find more reliable friends that were at the same place in their life as I was.

Anyways, I took some measures to get new friends. Friends that I felt I could hang out with more and that I could rely on when times were bad. That wouldnt flake out on me and who aren't self-centered. Now I have a group of 5 girls I would consider my close friends. All of the people I consider my friends are awesome because they are easy to talk to, fun to hang out with no matter what we are doing, I can have actual conversations with, and I know that they wi;ll be available not only when we are going to have fun but also if I am going through a rough time. So I love my frineds. However, I have a bunch of aquaintences who I only hang out with to have a good time. Most of them are "fair weather" friends...It really makes me sad and angry that there are so many people like that out in the world. When I become your friend you know I will be there for you through the thick and the thin and that you can even call me in the middle of night and i will come get you, no questions asked.

Day 27: Why did you do the 30 day Journal?

Because everyone else was doing it. LOL the classic 10 year old response. At first I started it because I wanted an excuse to blog more often and have something to blog about for those days my mind pulls a blank. I wanted to stir things up in my blog and maybe have it force me to open up about myself. Thats why I am going to do the 30 days of truth starting on Friday because there are some deep questions in there. What I have to be truthful on my blog ;)


  1. Sweet Aimee..Know Precisely What You Mean When Referring To "Fair Weather Friends". SAD, But True..They're A Lot Of Them Out There. So Glad To Learn You've Got "Five" That Are True To Your Friendship. It's A Blessing! Thanks for opening your heart like this..sharing in truth and honesty. I knew there was some reason I liked you from the very start! Hugs of Friendship & Autumn Sunshine, Terri

  2. So cool seeing someone else with their name spelled the same way. And we are both 22. Too cool. I enjoyed the first day of the blog challenge. I'm glad it looks like you enjoyed doing the challenge as well :)

  3. I have the same issue with shows. I refused to watch Glee until I finished the first season. I spent the best part of a week watching it any chance I could get before the premiere. I still wasn't ready so I PVR'd it.

  4. I'm the same way with dates! You're so not alone.

    I feel ya on the friend thing. It was hard for me to keep my friends once I got married and started having kids. We started at 22 so most of my friends weren't there yet. Not that I'm not friends with them anymore, just that we're at different places in our lives. Ya know?

  5. fair weather friends are common...even when you think they are different.

    sucks...but such is life.

    that's why i cherish my small little group of forever friends.

  6. I think you did a solid by figuring out who the fair weather ones are from the real ones. It helps in a time a crisis.

    Also it's easier to know who to add to your speed dial incase you need someone to help you move a dead body.