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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ok Please don't Kill Me :)

So I decided that I needed a routine. I needed to stick to something in every aspect of my life. I have been a little bit of a slob and a free bird in my life so I need to tighten it all up and prioritize. Because like Kevin pointed out to me yesterday I have weird priorities (Who cares that I wanted to watch Project Runway vs. depositing my check?)  So my October Goal is to Prioritize my Life Better. I think that covers a bunch of goals in one overlapping idea.

So I decided I am going to try my hardest to prioritize and get to a routine in all aspects of my life. That means I need to start exercising, eating normally, actually cooking again, cleaning around the house, do my laundry regularly (not just when I run out of clean undies...And let me tell you I am obssessed with undies so I probably have 40 pairs or more), and not go out every weeknight.

 I also decided to have a regular schedule with my blog which is why I am going to start again on my 30 day journal and then start another once I finish this one (maybe the next one I can actually do everyday). Well wish me luck in this and I will of course give you weekly updates.

I am switching up the days a bit on the rest of the 30 day challenge... I set my own rules!!

Day 17 & 19

Someone you would switch lives with for one day and why

Okay, I really don't feel like I need to explain this one but......Megan Fox is HOT!! I would love to know what it feels like to be this hot for one day. I struggle with small curves-itis and would love to know what it feels like to have a sexy body like hers. If I could chose between having a big sexy booty over being well endowed in the chest area (not like I have either) I would so chose to have some junk in the ba-dunk-a-dunk.

Anyway I would want to be her for a day to 1) Be that SEXY for 1 day and 2) To experience what it feels like to be ridiculously rich.

Nicknames You Have and Why:

Sadly I don't really feel like I have a lot of cool nicknames. I was cursed with a name that you can't really shorten in a cute way.... And nicknames really havent been given to me too often but Ill list what I have.

  • Aimz, Aimitosis, Lamey,Aim: The standard play on your first name
  • Big/Little/Twin/PM: I was in a sorority (well really a society but y'all won't understand lol) so that explains that
  • Sunshine: My best friend from my hometown gave me this. I think I use to be all smiles and happy all the time in highschool
  • Babe, stinky, stinkerbell: These are Kevin's nicknames for me.
  • Aimee Baby: Oddly enough this is my work nickname.


  1. You can definitely have some of my ka-dunk-a-dunk. I've got enough to feed a third world country. At least having less curves gives you more options for fashion. I wish I could wear more long tunics! And by the way, watching Project Runway is way more important than check depositing. I totally relate. I was crying when Mondo was sharing his story about his HIV... aww!

  2. I don't prioritize well AT ALL! I sent my slow work days on Blogger when I could be working on homework. And then I spend my nights watching my massive amount of taped fall TV shows when I should be doing homework.

  3. Megan Fox is definitely a good pick!

  4. It would be pretty cool to be her for a day. I would probably end up asking Brian Austin Green what 90210 was really like haha.

  5. she is a hot biotch....i wonder that too about her....what is it like! hmmmmm...guess we'll never eva know...ha

    it's good to take a moment to gather your thoughts and prioritize. i'm still trying to get it together. as much as i try though....i'll probably still be all over the place but luck to both of us! :)