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Monday, October 25, 2010

Catching up on Truths... Day 9-11

Hello All! I'm very proud of myself because I took some photos this weekend and I actually brought my camera and usb cable to work so I will be able to upload those and share them with you all a bit later today on my weekend recap. For now, I will catch up on my 30 Days of Truth blog. I thought I would blog more this weekend but I never got around to doing it... I hope you all had fantastic weekends.

Day 9: Someone You Didn't Want to Let Go of but Just Drifted Away From

This is really hard because over time I have drifted away from a lot of different people. I have moved around a lot as a kid so it was difficult to keep any friends. Then I decided that I was going to move away for college (not too far actually but difficult to maintain a close relationship with all my high school friends). I have drifted away from some of my college friends for scheduling issues and also relationships. 

I guess the one I am the most sad about is my high school friend, Wesley. He is one of the most chill guys to hang out with and with him there was never any drama and always fun times. He was there for me so much in high school and we had a lot of fun times during the summers and weekends. We still talk but it is very infrequent and we usually only see each other 2-3 times a year.

Day 10: Someone You Need to Let Go or Wish you Didn't Know

I really don't know on this one. Pretty much everyone that is in my life I want to be in it. The only one I can think of is my ex boyfriend. However, I am not hung up on him at all but he tends to text me once a month. I wish he just wouldn't text me but I am just too nice to tell him to stop. I ignore him and he usually gets the point. I just wish I didn't know him anymore or he didn't have my #. I can't wait until I change my number.
Day 11: Something People Tend to Compliment you Often On

Look wise I get complimented pretty often on my eyes. That is the only physical thing I feel confident about all the time. Otherwise I tend to get complimented on how much I care about others... :)

Well I shall be back a bit later to recap on my weekend :)


  1. I've drifted from a lot of friends as well.

    My husband's ex used to text him a lot, too. This was before we got married...like 6 years ago. It didn't bother me too much but he would get irritated (or at least pretend he was). We finally changed carries and the problem went away!

    And yes, you do have pretty eyes! But from the pictures I've seen all of you is just gorgeous, dahling!

  2. It's sad when friends separate, I've had it happen too.

    Your eyes are beautiful!

  3. I think recently your boobs have taken compliment priority numero uno. Lol