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Friday, October 15, 2010

Just wishing and hoping and praying....

That this day will go by fast... Yesterday went by so slow that I wanted to shoot myself and then I got home super late and didn't even have time to relax before I had to get ready to go out to one of Kevin's closest friend's surprise b-day dinner (I know how horrible for me :P).

Anyway got a jam packed weekend up ahead as it is homecoming weekend at my Alma mater. Homecoming is a bigger thing for the alumni at the college then for the students because that's when they all come back and go to all the different activities that the school hosts. I am super excited about it! :)

Now for some odd news!!

Not actually piglet but isnt he a cutie? Source

Poor little piggy... A piglet got seized by the Russian courts from a Russian woman in order to help pay back her debt. Apparently the piglet was her most valuable asset. She owes approximately $432 and the piglet is worth about $250-300.


$671,000? That is how much the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Hotel plans to charge. They are giving groups the opportunity to have private access to the entire hotel including all nine restaurants and all the spas and 178 guest rooms. Several companies have already requested this... UH can I work for that company please?This is a gorgeous hotel
One of their suites living area.... Source

I would love to get a massage in here!! 

Does that look like a pessimist to you?

Yep you read that right...Dogs can be optimistic or pessimistic and while my dog always seems to be happy and a little high strung I have decided he is a pessimist. Only because he rips up our outdoor furniture while we are gone. Trainers have done studies with dogs to see how they respond to bowls of food and empty bowls of food and they say this shows if they are pessimistic or not. They then said that the ones that are determined to be pessimists are more likely to tear up furniture when their owners are away because they don't think they are coming back. So maybe I should take him to see a dog therapist instead of a trainer? NAW I am still taking him to the trainer.

Weekend Forecast (Aka why I am going to be super tired come Monday)

Friday: I have a dinner at 5:30, casino night from 8-10, drinks with some recent alumni from 10-??

Saturday: Brunch (have to be there at 9:30) with my society, homecoming football game, and go home maybe take a nap. Hair stylist (hey she is inexpensive thats why I have a personal one ok??) is coming over to put some of my extensions in (I won them), dinner with some of the alumni, Raddi (dance/party) from like 9:30-1 or 2 am...

Sunday: Football!!! 

Well I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Aww that is a cute picture!

    I'd stay at that hotel if I could afford to! It's gorgeous! I don't think I'll ever have the dough to take it over for a night though.

    Have a fun weekend! I'm super jealous you have a hair stylist that comes to you.

    Yay for football Sunday! Hope you have a better day today then yesterday. :)

  2. Wow. Can I hang out with you this weekend? I'll be moving all weekend and yours sounds way more fun.

  3. have so much fun! my college's homecoming is next weekend and usually I go with all my sorority sisters but I have a wedding in NYC this year... (which will also be fun) - I can't wait to see your extensions... I might want some soon!

  4. 671,000...talk about show off spending.

    Perfect for a wedding though...

  5. I want that little piglet! Too cute!

    My dog was def an opptimist! We had to put molly down two years ago! I miss her soo much! I think we need to get another one pronto! But now i'll be nervous to find out if she/hes a optimist or not!

    :) hope you have a good weekend lovely!