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Friday, October 8, 2010

So unmotivated... A different take on Odd News Fridays

Hello Folks!! Happy Friday! In just 3-4 hours I will be done with work for the week. Thank God. Seriously, I have never hated ajob this much... Oh well I just have to keep pushing through it and hope that I didn't screw shit up when I left my last job for this one when I did. Life decisions are sucky!

Well I am unmotivated today and I also am just not feeling the Odd News stories today. I'm not going to force myself to write. Instead I figured I would post some of my favorite videos. Enjoy!

This is a current news story... Putin is one lucky man.

This is one of my favorite video of all time. I still can't understand why he said it but it is hilarious nonetheless.

I love this little on-air arguement. Haha. "You were my boss but you aren't anymore..How did that happen?" LOL

Hope you enjoyed those videos. I know the last 2 crack me up everytime I watch them. I am so hppy it is almost the weekend, I don't have anything concrete planned really, going togo with the flow. Might go to a play in Hollywood tonight or maybe go to Hookah.

Tomorrow night I have a 90's themed birthday party. I need to stil figure out what I am going to wear. Here are some inspiration photos... Any suggestions?

I really like the right colors and big flowers on hats

Cropped Tops, High Wasted Pants, Jean Jackets, and Flowers. Can't believe that was fashionable

I can do the dress look.

School Girl Outfit? Knee high socks.

Help me!! I was not paying close attention to clothing during the 90's.

Day 23: Something you Crave for A lot

It varies all the time... Lately its been pineapple, pita chips, hummus, and snickers. Of course I don't eat it all at once ;).


  1. Ahhh..Sweet Aimee..just put "Shoulder Pads" in anything you pick out to wear tomorrow night and it'll have the 90's written all over it! :))

  2. Omg, love those videos!!! My husband had seen them all, but I hadn't so I was laughing hysterically! Why did he say "keep fucking that chicken?"

    Have fun at your party, what a great theme!!

  3. OMG. Do you remember her closet in Clueless?! I envied that closet so much.