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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Its officially Fall.. Rain & Pumpkins :) Day 4 & 5

Hiya folks!! So it is pouring rain here in southern CA and it is thundering too. I am loving it...Well except when I have to go outside in it because I don't have an umbrella and my hair is not that happy about it. I was motivated by the rain so I finally did what I do every fall, I put a pump of pumpkin in my Grande Iced Chi Latte (ya I drink cold drinks year round at starbucks because I am not a fan of the hot ones). It was yummy and tasted just like Thanksgiving.

This is the board that we all sign. I think its soo pretty

Anyway, I am going to open house for my society/sorority tonight. I am not a creepy alumni though because I am there alumni sponsor so it makes sense for me to be there (or thats what I keep telling myself). It is Hollywood Glamour theme so I am going to wear my red dress and either my pearls or /i might stop and get a black feather boa. I am pretty excited about it because I can't wait to meet all of the prospectives the actives have been recruiting. Ok now to get caught up on my 30 days of Truth

Day 4: Something you Need to Forgive Someone for

I am not one to usually hold grudges if someone apologizes to me for it or if I can tell they really didn't mean to hurt me. I usually can move past things. However, I think I need to forgive my dad for not being there for me during my childhood. He was a workaholic and also had some other issues so we really never saw him. When he was home my parents would fight so often and he would just disappear somewhere. I also need to forgive him for his broken promises. I mean sure he shouldn't have broken a bunch of promises but I am an adult and I need to just get over it. I need to be nicer to my dad, for so long I was brainwashed to not like him but really I love my dad. He does try and I know he truly loves and cares about all of us kids. He only wants the best for us.  I love my dad :)

Day 5: Something you Hope to do in Your Life
I want to travel. I want to travel all over the world. I have never really traveled before, unless you count short weekend trips. The furthest I have ever been was Indiana and that was for a baton competition and it wasn't much of a vacation. I have never even left the country.

My must Travel List
  • France-especially Paris and the French Rivera
  • Greece
  • England
  • Hawaii
  • Carribean
  • Jamica
Hope you all have a fantastic Tuesday :)


  1. i like what you wrote about your dad. he may not always show it but he still cares and you see that :)

    as for traveling, i have a ton of places i still need to see and europa is on the top of that list.

  2. Love your blog sooo much!! Please follow or visit my blog:)

  3. My travel list is very similar to yours!! I love love love to travel.

  4. Yes for France! And take me with. :D